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10-03-2009, 10:06 AM
Hiya all,

Here's a database I sort of whipped up just now (whipped up as in spontaneous, it actually took....about 5 hours), containing data on ship stats, weapon stats and missile stats (though that one's not complete for complex use yet).

For those of you familiar with database you know what it's for. You can use it to look up information - specifically - more specific information. Let's say you want to look for a ship with >= 180 speed, more than 75MJ shielding, and...let's say capable of mounting a weapon that can dish out x amount of shield/hull damage. With Excel or even websites you can only do this by cross referencing manually, comparing and going through different charts yourself. With a database you can do all that at once. Anyways, I'm not here to "advertise" how great the database is, the aforementioned is just a general FYI for those not in the know. This database is rough (in no way perfect) and is for those who are liked minded or have the same need as I do.

The tables used in this database is based on information found in the spreadsheet that can be found in these here forums.

There are currently 7 tables -

Missile - Not yet touched, only imported from Excel.

Ship - Containing ship information of course. The only missing information are hull strength, and I haven't touched that since there are 307 records, and we really don't regard hull strength that much (no shield, either you're good as dead or you're lucky and you're not). Pricings are also incomplete, I don't intend to complete that at all.

Weapon - Combat Mod - this contains information about weapon stats from the Combat Mod, you may need to use this for future information/query/searches. You can use this one like in Excel.

Weapon - Combat Mod (used with Ship queries) Not for Viewing - this basically contains "raw" and less comprehensible information about the weapons, it's used when you're going to construct queries/searches that needs weapon information. Basically this table has an extra field called "Mountable Ship", which list every ship that every weapon can be mounted on (so for example there are 304 records of PAC of each ship that it can be mounted on). Basically you won't be using this one like in Excel to get your information.

And then there are just two other table for vanilla weapons like the two above.

There are 8 build-in queries that I've already made for you (more for me personally). You can go into the design view and can all the search parameters I've specified of course, to do what you want it to do. Or you can create your new searches.

Ask Query - Ship Lookup by Speed and Shielding - this will ask you for the ship's minimum max speed as well as shielding (25MJ = 25000), and then it'll show you the list. I use this to determine what type of fighter I want to fly. Use it for other things if you will, using your own imagination.

Ask Query (for CMod) - Ship Hull Damaging Capacity Lookup - this one will allow you to search for a ship that can mount a certain weapon that deals a certain hull damage you want. It'll ask you for speed, shielding and the hull damage you want to inflict. To explain this I might need to use an example.

A ship flies at 180 and has 150MJ shielding, but can only mount weapons that deal high shield damage and moderate hull damage; while B ship flies at 300 but has only 25MJ shielding, but can mount weapons that deal high hull damage. Basically this query helps you figure out which ship is which, so maybe you/I can figure out what ships to use as bombers or shield-breakers or whatnot for our fleet.

Ask Query (for CMod) - Ship Hull Damaging Capacity Lookup - this should be apparent, same as above but for shields.

Then there are two more that resembles the two above, but are for vanilla weapons.

Query - Ship Name List (No Repeat) - this gives you a list of ship names, with no repetition (the Ship Tables has a lot of repeated ship names, because for example, that are two different Nova Raiders). I can't remember why I wanted this in the beginning.

Query (for CMod)- Ship Lookup by Weapon - this basically allows you to find ships that can mount specific weapons that you have in mind, if you already know what type of weapon you want. Maybe you want a fast but moderately shielded fighter that can mount that cool laser that you really like? (I wanted ships that can mount PBG and FBLs as well as HEPT)

I'm sorry I can't go through all the steps on using Access with you, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out :p (it was easy to learn, so DIY should be only moderately harder) If you have questions you can post here as well and I'm sure there are knowledgeable people on this forum that can help you.

Not really sure how useful this might be to you guys, but it'll certainly save me A LOT of time. Just thought I might put this out there.

Pardon for the messy post, it's 5AM here and I have been up for quite a while.

Here's the file (http://rapidshare.com/files/207480724/X3TC_DB.rar.html)

Edit: Added Ware Type Index in all the weapon tables for easier ware type search. S = 1, M = 2, and so on. Comes in useful when...say you want to search for a ship that can equip non-capship weapons (not XL type) plus other parameters.

11-03-2009, 09:14 AM
If I understand the above, this only covers Combat Mod for weapons? :?:

If so, that's a pity, as it sounds really useful! :yes:

12-03-2009, 05:44 AM
No actually, it has statistics of vanilla weapons, although I'm not quite sure about the missiles, as those are from the spreadsheet from the author of the combat mod. I don't know if he put the stats for vanilla missiles in the spreadsheet or if he's done any changes to missiles in his combat mod. The database includes all laser stats from vanilla game though. So it should suit your purpose quite well :)

I've just made a new table for ship/mountable missile queries, but...so far I haven't even seen anyone download the database, so I doubt anyone would care for it =/ I'd only provide it if anyone wants it, as it'd be a pretty inefficient use of time to upload it if it's not wanted.

So far I've used the database to find out what's a good trade ship to buy in regard to speed versus cargo size, as well as what ships could mount Boarding Pods and also provide sufficient shielding and speed. These are some examples of use of the database.