View Full Version : X-UNIVERSE - I'm back and going to get a team together this time.

08-04-2010, 03:13 PM
Ok, i'm going to try and pick this mod back up. However this time I am going to get a team together.

First too outline what I am going to do:
- Main Mod - I am personally going to make the base mod and make it stable.

- The HUD addon - I am looking for a image designer to make the HUD, and spend a good amount of time on it to make it look good.

- X-BTF Map addon [Universe editor]- with alot of time on their hands.

- X-BTF Map addon [TJOBS] - could be the same person as above but this job could be used for the X2 addon as well.

- Graphics addon - I am personally going to do this.

- X2 Ship addon [STAT EDITOR] - This is a lot of work, I am looking for someone with some experience with editing tships to do this. I am also going to tell you how to get the ships in game my way!

- X2 Ship addon [SCENE = MODEL EDITOR] - I need some one with 3ds max and experience of using it, this job will require you to make docks for the capital ships, add each component to the components.txt and add lines to the dummies file. You will need to be a good team player to work with the stats editor. The X2 addon is the largest and most complex addon in the X-UNIVERSE mod.

- NEW!! Missions - This is a new addon that could be possible, i'm looking for a few people to create unique missions for the player to do.

- NEW!! SHIPS - This is closely linked the x1: past and future mod (http://www.moddb.com/mods/x1-the-pirates-past-and-future-mod), I would like a few people to make ships in a future style X. I am undecided to either have them in individual XSP's or a mod.

- General Modeller - To make the odd pieces for all aspects of the mod, from odd shape asteroids to ship components. A help to other parts of the teams.

- Experimental Desginer/Modder - An interesting position, i think this is a key position as this is how I was the first to bring lens flares back to x3, bring back the x2 style menu and have a failure at making rotating asteroids :P. This job probably goes to all the team.

Due to the popularity of this and the X1: Past and Future mod, I have decide to get back into it. You can reply in this topic if you want to help.

Some Key aspects I would like to see in a team member:
- Loyalty, if you do join don't just leave in a couple of days without a good reason.
- Good team work.
- Good eye for detail.

If you do want to help, can you say what you have worked on before or show your work. I might take some inexperienced modders on just like I did with the X1: The Pirates mod for x3: the reunion but I can't get this mod together without someone knowing what they are doing.

09-04-2010, 12:36 PM
I have released version of the main mod, you will have to remove the previous version before installing this. Also I made it so that the old addons won't work at the moment as they are unstable.

Download link for the main mod: Click Here (http://www.thex1universe.co.cc/xu/XU-2.spk)

Change Log
> 09/04/10: [Builds] Main Mod ---> I have re-worked the files in the mod, there will be no conflicts with x3tc now as there is only the model files for the ships and bullets. Only things you will notice is there there is a different menu screen and splash screen. As before this is a building block of the mod and nothing else. Just to be clear, the addons won't work with this new version of the main mod, you will have to wait until I update them. Also you would need to remove the previous version of the main mod.