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Darius Dornwell
14-10-2010, 08:43 AM
Mon Oct 12, 2009 5:07 am - Fri Apr 16, 2010 5:16 pm

I still have one free slot for building, maybe newcomer has, too. So lets talking about what building should set in Laanex.

My suggestion:
Optics Research Center: now gix has buildt one
Smelting Facility: There always lacks of metals
Recyclotron: Additional food/water supply, but lacks of bio-waste
Space Farm: My last choise

For recyclotrons, 1 recyclotron/3 farms usually works out nicely with the biowaste.

I would only build an optics factory if there is a need for optics and the current one can't be easily upgraded.

Smelters are always nice since you have a good source of cheap ore and a good market in Laanex and Vewaa/Exackcan

Upgrading/expanding the farms is certainly no bad choice though: it will reduce the trips needed for upkeep and help keep prices in Vewaa low...

I've discussed same topic with Dragonspace yesterday.
There is bio-waste in Nerf's TO in KU-3-616. Laanex surely needs food and water.
I think another Nebula will be useful too. It's hard to find energy field over 350 tons left in this sector.
Also consider building Robot factory or Battle Weapons Factory, all resources are already in Laanex . Dragonspace said that there is always demand for robots and battle weapons.

I will remove my chemical lab. soon as chemicals can be imported from Tianbe.

As I remember Tianbe was dying and stopped producing chemicals...But it may be easily rebuilt.

Ah, what a tough decision... I think all suggestions mentioned by gix are well. and the food&water producing buildings too.
I am not sure only about an other smelting factory - it will bring the lowest benefit for the sector.

Iron, since you have one SF already in Laanex you could build a building that will give you more profits. I think the best for you now will be a Smelter so you could use cheap ore from planet. There is always demand for more metal. As a 4th building when you reach 100k exp you could think about RF or BWP (depending what will Gix build).

According to the prices in the first thread, profits should be about this:
- lvl 7 SF: 9740 cr/day
- lvl 7 Smelter: 26880 cr/day
- lvl 7 Recyclo: 10460 cr/day
- lvl 6 Nebbie: 15080 cr/day

All on the assumption that your buildings are upkeeped by other pilots exlcuding you. With own upkeep the profit is bigger.

smelter has such a hge profit? I haven't even noticed... perhaps it's because mine is a bit forsaken...

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Smelting Facility has the highest profit, its no doubt because of cheap ores from Laanex. But it costs additional food/water, which are the most important resouces there. If someone can build another space farm, I would pleased to make a recyclotron.

If there are no objections once I hit 10k exp I'd like to build a nebula plant.... any objections or better ideas?

I've got objections!

I mean, I was a little bit regreting building nebula in laanex - it's only working good with high population on the planet... what requires at least two traders or a very-well-organized one.
On the other hand, I've got no idea what would be a better idea...
med lab, or brewery... ?

Dragonspace promised, he will prepair a new laanex buildings schedule after his holidays, may be something will be cleared up?

[btw. my rec is on the 8 lvl]

Why are there other 2 recyclotrons in laanex, while the amount of SF did not changed?
Why weren't their constructions consulted here? There is not enough bio-wastes in the sector to use them properly.

Also I dubt, there was a need for an other optic resarch centre - even one was not ticking regulary.

such a mess.

Needed buildings in Laanex:

1. Space Farms - right now, there are only 4 sf-s working properly (+ one with unexeptable prices [Mencosac], one with a very low production [Teutonic, lvl1?] and one abandoned with closed market [I think it would be destroyed in the future]
Adwantages of the SF? These are one of the most important buildings to keep planet running, so they are served by the traders in the first turn. Profits are not glamorous but sure and constant. (if there is any trader around).
It would be comfortable if all SFs were close to each other - most of them are already on the left side of the planet.

2. Nebula Plants - when the planet population is above 80k (right now), the production of 3 already existing nebulas is not enough to supply the planet and buildings around. Profits from nebula may be higher than SF's one, but only if the population is that high.

3. Brewery - production of the existing now [Hammerhock's] - 14 t /6 h, planet needs ~60t/ 6h. The best place for this is 'box' 6,6.

Buildings producing 'higher goods' bring profits when the main needs of the planet are regulary fulfilled, because You have to find a place to sell them. Otherwise it is a waste of aps for a trader to visit them.

I'm watching and planning. There should be a plan on Saturday. We can discuss on that time.