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  1. Finally completed X2... Years after first playing -.-

    When I restarted playing X2: The Threat (as put in last blog) I set myself the mission of completing the storyline, meaning I'd have to get past spoiler: the final battle against the M0 in Omicron Lyrae. Previously, I entered the battle in a Teladi Osprey and easily killed the Kha'ak but, I really struggled when you needed to move to the navigation beacon... I now realise that the issue was the sheer speed of the ship I used back then That's when I gave up on progressing in the storyline and I
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  2. Retro X gaming is hard after a long time playing X3

    As I was getting bored grinding Paranid rep on XTC, tryin to buy my first Shipyard, I decided to re-try to play Some of the older X games that I had a brief time playing back when I bought X-Superbox from Game. It took me ages getting adjusted to the older control method And I didn't start the stories of XBTF or XTension

    X-Beyond The Frontier
    This is the first one I tried... I had no clue how the hell I made that first E-cell trade I remember doing. I couldn't comprehend
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