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DSE's Modding Blog

I intend to write about modding Terran Conflict in this blog.
I'm going to collect simple tips and tricks I discover myself or find on the web. Themes will vary.

  1. Tip: Creating custom skins

    How To: Create custom skins

    Modding Category: Texture modding, text file editing
    Difficulty: Hard

    Basically what I intend to do with this article is to show you how to do your own custom skins for fighters. I'm limiting this to fighters respectively other small objects because they use a different kind of texturing than larger objects: Unique textures, as opposed to bigger objects which use tiled textures. Editing textures, that's what the main part of this short ...
  2. Discovery: Deactivating collision bodies on objects permanently

    How To: Deactivate collsion bodies permanently for an object

    Modding Category: Text file editing
    Difficulty: Medium

    Some days ago I finally found a way to shut off the collision body of an object entirely. And it was frustratingly easy for the time I have searched after it.

    Well, first I may have to answer the question "What the hell is a collision body?".
    It's pretty easy. If you ram into a station you bounce off and / or die. ...

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    Modding , X3: Terran Conflict , General
  3. Some silly testing of the new blog-functions.

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