• The X-Tended Mod

    The X-Tended Mod 0.7.5 is a modification for the game X3: Reunion by Egosoft.

    XTM has a unique approach to modding X3:Reunion, we always try to extend the X3 universe and game style while trying not to upset the careful balance that Egosoft created in the original game. As such, a general rule we try to follow is not to change any of the ES stock game assets, but try to add to them, expanding the game into a fuller experience for the player.

    In the X3 Universe, the 5 main races are at war with an alien race called the Kha'ak, they are also fighting an ongoing battle with a race of AI controlled machines called the Xenon. On top of this there are all the petty little skirmishes between the races themselves, and space pirates also have to be dealt with (unless you want to be a pirate of course, then it's the main races that have to be dealt with).

    Each race in the X-Universe is constantly at war with someone, and in XTM we try to reflect this by making the X-Universe a more dangerous place to live, but we offset this by allowing the player to own more powerful ships (Although they are all carefully balanced not to be super-ships), and ships that have specialised functions.

    Currently a few of the ships we have added are:

    A full M7 class. These ships are the equivalent of a frigate class, bigger and heavier that Corvettes but smaller and not as well armed as a full Destroyer or Carrier class ship. They fill the huge power gap between the M6's and the M1/M2's currently in X3:Reunion.

    M8 ship class. These ships are built to roughly the same scale as the M7's but with specialised functions and are only lightly armed and shielded in comparison, but in here we have mine-layer ships, shield frigates, front line support ships that can construct M5-M3's internally so you have a constant supply of fighters to help defend frontier sectors (as long as you have the credits that is), and many others that have a niche but important function.

    M0 Class ships. These are the largest ships in the universe and are classed as Mother-ships. They are experimental, and rare.

    There are also new stronger military variations of some ship classes. For example the M6 class has military variations (MM6) for all races to help defend their sectors against the Kha'ak.

    We also felt that the X-Universe itself was a little too small, and that you kept bumping your elbows against the edges. So we decided to expand it for the player. The XTM universe is almost double the size of the original, and is currently (as far as we know) the largest universe created for X3:Reunion.

    XTM also contains new GFX, SFX, and music all created specifically for this mod.

    We hope that our fans enjoy playing XTM as much as we enjoyed creating it.

    The X-Tended Mod Team.