• X1 "The Pirates"

    X1 "The Pirates"

    X1 "The pirates", is a mod which will hopefully fill the gap between XBTF (X-tension) and x2 the threat. The mod did start off with the name XBTF Ressurection which its main idea was to re-create the old game, but since announcing the mod i have had alot of interest, and some good questions asked. This caused me to re-think what i am doing for the mod, so i've decided to base the mod in between xbtf and x2 to give me a some flexibility and it gives me the chance to explore the unexplored time between x beyond the frontier and x2 the threat.

    This mod will hopefully have a good story line, joining some links between the two games. Hopefully if the custom GUI ever gets created and it works, we will be able to use it and it will give the story line much more life. Of course we are still looking for people to join the team, such as modellers, story writers, scripters ect.