• X1: Past and Future mod talk

    Over the last couple of months I have been stumbling on various talk about the mod, tbh i'm surprised at the support outside the x forums.

    11th December 2008:
    gametrailers.com (read)
    The first trailer for the mod, thanks to who ever infilTRAITOR is for uploading it to gametrailers.com. It got a 'nice' comment and 327 views. I didn't even upload that one to youtube!

    28th Febuary 2009:
    dailymotion.com (read)
    Not many views for this one, its not really a gaming website. tbh it is nice of sapwood2 to upload it there and link back to the moddb page. I don't know why people do upload videos to other sites, but its good for the mod if they do!

    6th - 12th of April 2009:
    PlayMods.com (french site I think) (read by Google translate)
    I actually found this today, this site looks to be a news site about mods, games and independant games similar to moddb I guess. The x1pf mod is listed in mod of the week, and was commented in one of the two coments:

    "Hum, X1 Past and future me want to buy X3 " - Shiamr

    13/04/09, 17/04/09, 18/06/09:
    strategyinformer.com (read)
    Tbh I don't know who has uploaded the x1 mods there, but it is nice to see that the mod has been spread over the net even though it is still in a beta state, I was also happy to see it was the only one there .

    1st May 2009:
    moddb.com (read)
    I have been getting good support from moddb, been in there newsletter, on the home page more than once, been in the headlines more than once and finally got into mod of the month video.

    24th June 2009:
    moddb.com (read)
    Got 49 mod watchers, 73 downloads of the beta 2.0 mod, and 19,171 views making this the best mod I have done. It is still getting better!
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