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    On Strategy

    I'm about 10 days of real-life time in to a brand new play-through of XTC. Not sure how many game hours I've been with the machine, but I've made use of SETA and currently show 5 days of elapsed...

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    Abandoning Hope...

    I was initially a kickstart sponsor for Elite Dangerous. I actually backed out of that with Frontier's support [they refunded the £500 I had submitted] when, one week before release, they announced...

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  • TXU Ranks Updated

    With the move across to vBulletin 4, the style of TXU substantially changed, resulting in the need to adjust some features of the site.

    One that came up for the change was that of the ranks. So far, ranks have perhaps been one of the more colourful, but confusing features of the site. Ranks are based on a number of things, some are to do with the amount of posts a user has made, others to do with what roles and access permissions they have.

    But with changing the thread and post display to the current vertical style (userinfo off to the side of the post) has meant that they can no longer be acceptable as larger images.

    Thanks to some help from Stemardue, we've got a new set that allows us to arrange them in a row or two, and that now link directly to this article for an explanation of what they mean. As well as that, they also display a message when they are hovered over, such as "Administrator" or "Posted between 100 and 250 times".

    For a complete list of the new ranks, as well as what they mean, please see the table below.

    The following highlight the main moderator and administrative roles at TXU, in order of seniority.

    English Version - Deutsche Version
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      Added Graphic Designer to the rank list.