• [April Fools] Announcing the Release of XTC - Online Conflict

    The XTC Team is proud to announce that the following information is now available for public knowledge:

    XTC is going to be offered via Steam as an online game with a Real World economy. This means that for every 10 US dollars you put into the game (from your normal credit card, Paypal account or by bank transaction) that 1,000,000 XTC credits will be available for your use. The new universe as well as multiple new ships, stations and enemies will all make the game seem more realistic to the experienced player while making all new players feel like true explorers of the deep reaches of space. Make your own empire or just traverse the sectors as a mercenary or freighter pilot, itís all up to you, and we await your feedback on the new game mechanics via the 'comment line' that will be available at trading stations universe wide (in-game).

    The Servers are scheduled to open two weeks after the 2.6 update distributed on Steam, but registration is opening right now: http://www.thexuniverse.com/xtcsteamregistration.php. Pre-register now, and you will get one of three in-game items: fluffy dice (ship speed +4%), captain Ban Dannaís hologram (tactical cloak +0.3s) or Versatile Ship Hull System (armour +20).

    We welcome the players and old friends of the X series and hope that our newest modification to the X3 engine will open new horizons for you. As always, fan service is our #1 priority, and we feel that finally we have satisfied the number one request of our fans - a fully working online X3.

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    Preregistration Links: http://www.thexuniverse.com/xtcsteamregistration.php
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