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    At TXU we are keen to add as many features as we can to enhance the site, and improve the quality for all you users. The latest addition to the features we can announce is that of TXUMail.

    What is TXUMail?

    TXUMail is the name of the email service offered here at TXU. The service allows subscribers to have their own dedicated email address(es) which they can access through Email clients like Thunderbird and Outlook, or via a secure Webmail feature.

    Why Purchase a TXUMail address?

    TXUMail addresses are subject to far less spam than traditional accounts. The email could be setup so that your TXU mail gets sent to it, as well as that of other X sites, including Egosoft. Additionally, purchasing a TXUMail account will assist in the running costs of the site, allowing us to continue to provide the excellent service.

    How Much does a TXUMail address cost?

    Currently one email address can be purchased for 1.00 per month, and two can be purchased for 1.90 per month. Please select the appropriate subscription from your subscriptions page and then PM Mokonzi the details of your purchase. The account will be setup as quickly as possible after confirmation of the payment has been received. In the PM, please provide details of what email address you would like, including the domain you would like to use. We strongly recommend that you choose an email address based on your username.

    What Email domains are available?

    There are several currently available:

    • General:
      • thexuniverse.com
      • thexuniverse.net
      • thexuniverse.org
    • Regional:
      • thexuniverse.co.uk (United Kingdom)
      • thexuniverse.us (United States of America)
    • Special:
      • thexuniverse.mobi (New Mobile TLD)

    Please note that .mobi domains should work via mobile phones (as should the rest) but the site is not designed specifically for mobile phone usage.

    Any Words of Warning?

    TXU does not tolerate Spam, or racist and discriminatory communication, or anything illegal. As such, any users who use TXUMail for such offensive and illegal behavior will have their TXUMail account suspended, their subscription canceled, and may risk further disciplinary measures on this site.

    All details you provide to TXU will be kept confidential, and will not be passed on to any other parties.

    If you have have any additional questions or comments, please post in this topic and we will answer them as soon as we can.
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