• Supporting TXU

    From it's very birth, The X Universe (TXU) has been dedicated to providing a safe and stable community for the fans of the X series of games by Egosoft. The aim has been to allow the site to be the home of any mod or scripter, of any writer or artist, who wants to provide content for the X community.

    Over the years this has meant improving and upgrading the core software the site uses, as well as providing a stronger, stabe and more dynamic server platform to work from.

    Like most things in this world, to maintain this site costs money, something many of the users here have appreciated, and have therefore donated towards the costs of funding the software and servers here on site.

    If you would like to show your appreciation to the costs of running this site, helping to ensure that it's content is here for future users, as well as ensuring that the modifications to the X series have a place to work from, please consider donating to the cost of the site.

    At the moment, it is possible to help in two ways.

    For those who donate, receive the additional benefits that Chartered Members, including:

    • Completely customizable User Profile
    • Can create your own title
    • Customizeable Blog
    • Can enable Group Blogs
    • Can have up to 15 custom blocks on your blog (10 more than normal)
    • Can have up to 25 custom pages on your blog (20 more than normal)
    • Create up to 10 Social Groups (5 more than regular)
    • Up to 300 PMs (250 more than normal) can be stored, and are able to send to up to 10 recipients (5 more than normal)
    • In addition to Animated Profile pictures and Avatars, you can also upload Animated Images to your signature
    • Can use up to 5MB of attachment space (compare to 1MB for regular users)
    • Can upload up to 200 images up to 1024x800 pixels in size, with a combined size of 5MB (compared to 0MB for regular users)

    Users can subscribe to this by donating as little as 1 per month. For each donation they make, the donator has access to these extra features for the length of time they have subscribed to TXU's Donate to The X Universe subscription. There is the option within the payment page to choose a recurring payment, or a single one-off payment.

    At the end of the specified period, a user cannot access these features, though they keep anything they've already used (for example, Custom Title and Animated Avatar, as well as any files that have been uploaded).

    Atm, payment is only through PayPal, though users can contact Mokonzi direct if they wish to find out how they could alternatively donate.

    To donate to TXU to help support it, please see this page on your Control Panel.

    Some users have chosen to support TXU by purchasing an email address, more details of which can be found here: Purchasing Email Addresses

    If you are interested in sponsoring a section or sections of TXU through advertising, please PM Mokonzi direct for more details on how you can get involved.

    At no time will there ever be an obligation to support TXU financially, and TXU will always remain free for all users, including mods, scripters and any other who can benefit from using TXU.