• Updated TXU Features

    As many will have noticed, there have been many changes to TXU's software over the past few weeks, most important of which has been the reactivation of the Projects allowing us to track the software we use, and the mod and other features of the site that require project tracking.

    The project section can be accessed by clicking on the Project tab on the navigation bar. This will take you to a screen with access to projects you have permissions to. Most notably will be the TXU Website Maintenance Project which you can access directly from this link. Please post any bug reports, or even requests, there and we can ensure they are maintained and tracked to completion.

    Other new features include the Surveys now available at TXU, accessible through the Surveys tab on the navigation bar. At the moment, we have an initial survey that we are encouraging all members to fill in. At this time 88 members have filled the survey in, and we'll be posting some of the interesting results of that survey some time soon, as well as creating other surveys for our users to fill in. The surveys allow us to assess the direction of not only the site, but even some of the mods, as the results are of interest to mod and script developers in many cases.

    Other new features include the ShoutBox which has the capability of directly messaging a user, and of creating unique chat rooms for users to access. We've also added a Status bar that users can edit in their profiel or in the threads to show what they are currently doing, something similar to what Facebook currently has. Within a user's profile you can see their past statuses.

    Also, we are trialing a new Thanks/Like mod which allows users to thank the poster for their thread, and allow them to state whether they Like the post. As of the present, both this mod and the older thanks mod are accesible, and depending on the general consensus of TXU's users, we'll deactive the less popular mod in a week or two.

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      Found a nice feature... Im lazy.
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