• TXU Now Supports Tapatalk and ForumRunner for iPhone, Android and Blackberry Users

    After some extensive testing, TXU now has more support for mobile phone users.

    Much of the time, loading a website on a mobile phone becomes time consuming, and never quite looks right. After some consideration and behind the scenes testing, we've implemented two systems (allowing for the widest coverage) that allow active forum access at a fraction of the time it takes when viewing a regular webpage.

    The two systems we have implemented are Tapatalk and ForumRunner. Details of what they can do and how to access them are found below within this article. At the moment this access is forum only, though I would expect to see that change in time. Both systems have a free to try on the iPhone, with Tapatalk also having Android and a beta Blackberry setup available. The free to try allows for forum browsing, but does not allow for posting access.

    We are making these available not to force users to use them, but to allow them the choice should they wish to access TXU in this method. We will endeavour to keep on top of any updates to the core software, allowing for any and all new features as they are published.

    To see details on what each software does, click the relevant links below:

    Tapatalk (Android, iPhone and Blackberry): http://www.thexuniverse.com/content/...atalk-Features
    ForumRunner (iPhone): http://www.thexuniverse.com/content/...unner-Features