• vBulletin 4.0.4, Facebook Connect and New Features

    With a recent update to the vBulletin software, we've taken the time to implement the upgrade, as well as a few other minor updates, which resolve some known bugs, as well as adding several new features.

    It is now possible to link your Facebook account to TXU, allowing you to 'Like' or even publish an article, post or thread to your Facebook Wall. This integration is currently on trial here, as the earlier version vBulletin had caused severe page load delay. It does seem to far that there is no significant increase in load times, and if that plays out, we'll be leaving the feature integrated. Future updates of vBulletin are likely to include more Facebook features.

    Using Facebook will help expose TXU, and by extension, the X series to a sider audience. So please get involved in promoting the site.

    The wiki also underwent a Gold release update, and one or two newer features are included, as well as a fixed article subscription. We are working atm to ensure that there is a German translation of the core files to the VaultWiki install. If you would like to get involved in the wiki, in article editing or translating, please contact myself or D!S7RUG@7OR for more information.

    After some consultation, it was decided to remove the newer thanks/like system as there was no significant benefit over the older system, and it lacked several features that would give it the edge.

    We are hoping to do one or two more slight updates over the coming days, so stay with us while we work through them.