• Using the Twitter Style User Tagging

    With the recent updates, a new system for User Tagging, similar to Twitter, has been installed at The X Universe.

    This system allows users with permissions to tag threads for users. As shown in the screenshot, this works similar to regular word tagging, except it has to be existing usernames from TXU, and is found above the thread, not below it. User Tagging in thread

    The system also allows the method used at Twitter to work in a similar way here. Adding @Aragon Speed; will highlight to Aragon Speed that he's needed in this post.

    Aragon will get a notification that he has been mentioned/tagged (as per screenshot), and can also see on his user Profile all his tags and mentions.User Mention Notification

    This system is going to be really useful to allow the mod/script developers, as well as staff at TXU to see where they are needed, especially when the forum is in the middle of it's busy times. Please do not abuse the system, mentioning users in threads just to get some moderator or admin to look at it. A balanced use of this system will allow all users to benefit fully from it.