• The X Universe Server Issues

    Yesterday afternoon (Saturday 23rd of October) The X Universe received a hacking attempt via the Ad Server that we have used for a few months. This attack resulted in Google temporarily blacklisting TXU as infected with malware.

    As soon as we identified this problem, we worked to resolve it. Unfortunately, the only safe way of doing so was rolling back TXU to a backup from Tuesday this past week. This we did, with the unfortunate loss of all of the data from Tuesday until now.

    We have ceased using the Ad Server, and are requesting that Google remove the blacklisting this evening, though the effect of this could take a day or more to filter through.

    As many of you will have noticed, this had a serious knock on effect in that Firefox users cannot currently access the site without warnings. These warnings will stop once we are off this blacklist.

    In the meantime users can use Internet Explorer or Opera to access the site (and possible Safari). Chrome will also likely restrict users access while the blacklisting is in place.

    With the backup restoration, we also took advantage of the time to update the site software substantially, bringing us up to speed with vBulletin 4.0.8. The advantage of this is that we now are able to offer profile customizations to our Chartered Members.

    We also would encourage all of our users to think about adjusting their passwords soon. While the actual database was not compromised, and therefore no personal details were extracted, it is still good to be in the practice of changing your passwords to ensure the highest level of security.

    We will keep you posted of some further changes and adjustments planned over the next week or so.