• X-Tended -Terran Conflict Trailer 1

    The first trailer of X-Tended - Terran Conflict.

    It has been a long time since we released anything to the public, and as we are now in the release candidate stage for the mod, we felt we should reward everyone's patience with something a little bit special. Enjoy.

    The XTC team.

    Download Trailer 1: http://downloads.thexuniverse.us/XTC...ailer_1_LQ.zip

    For those of you who do not wish to download it, you may also watch it over at our ModDB page.
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    1. stemardue's Avatar
      stemardue -
    1. NovaCatt's Avatar
      NovaCatt -
      Hiya Peeps,

      @ AS......
      Hiya Bossman,
      I'm getting a 404 error whenever I click on the TXU link.....

      Not sure whether it's caused by something my end or whether the US side of things is down.....

      HOWEVER, I am able to view it on Moddb & it looks fanbloodytastic!!

      Who was the genius behind the VidClip? I'm beginning to suspect it was Mishra as it's reminiscent of his XTM clip, either way, whoever it was reserves a massive payrise...

      Can't wait to get my grubby little paws on it (the mod) when it comes out!

      Cheers & Thranx
    1. Mokonzi's Avatar
      Mokonzi -
      Fixed now
    1. NovaCatt's Avatar
      NovaCatt -
      Hiya Peeps,

      Hiya Chief,

      Cheers for that! Am d/l the zip as we speak.....

      Cheers & Thranx
    1. Ubica's Avatar
      Ubica -
      I just want to play this soooooo bad...

      I'll write to Santa and ask him to forget everything else, just give me this mod and we'll call it even
    1. Draxis's Avatar
      Draxis -
      Bloody hell, I actually teared up a bit as I saw this. All the years of effort. I've been here since the beginning of Xtended and now I realize that things sometimes do get better with age! There's only one issue now: Egosoft has to make a new game to integrate your work!

      Gentlemen, my hat is off to you. I look forward to playing this and I just hope my new m11x can handle it.
    1. cain'blood's Avatar
      cain'blood -
      . I have been waiting for this for sooo long.
      The trailer looks awesome guys. Can't wait!
    1. Boosh's Avatar
      Boosh -
      Looks great! Glad to see the old Galleon model in there. I greatly dislike (can't bring myself to say hate, because it is an interesting design) the model for it in vanilla X3TC. It's my distinct hope that I'll be able to take one of the Xtended Blastclaw's through it like I did in X3! (I must also say, Xtended's Blastclaws do look much more like claws, and remind me very much of the old Pirate Bayamon )
    1. Musicker's Avatar
      Musicker -
      The trailer looks amazing, and I can't wait to immerse myself in the new universe.
      Definitely looking forward to the day this becomes available to us.

      Thanks in advance for my next 1000 hours of escape from real life!
      (I've already logged 3000+ hours in TC on Steam.. yeesh!)
    1. Keith_46's Avatar
      Keith_46 -
      Saw this last night, mightly impressed well done guys. Looking forward to playing it.
    1. Aragon Speed's Avatar
      Aragon Speed -
      Quote Originally Posted by NovaCatt View Post
      Who was the genius behind the VidClip? I'm beginning to suspect it was Mishra as it's reminiscent of his XTM clip, either way, whoever it was reserves a massive payrise...
      Yeah is it Mish's work again.
    1. Elffin's Avatar
      Elffin -
      Awesome work guys! Can't wait!
    1. Heteran Leticron's Avatar
      Heteran Leticron -
      Nice trailer, looks promissing but also makes me hunger to see more!

      took me a couple of hours to download the trailer, with that crappy internet i have here, i realy need to find a better one for the actual mod. already downloading the new patch for tc, to have a fresh installation again.

      im realy looking forward to the mod, im waiting since years