• New Promotions

    As of today, we have three members gaining new roles within the moderating team...

    @Galder has been promoted to a full Administrator role to allow for spreading the role of dealing with more major responses to situations that arise at TXU, but will continue in the primary role as User Moderator. Running that role for more than a year now, Galder has been checking each new registration against anti-spam databases with the aim of reducing the spam content on TXU. The results speak for themselves (with very little spam within the past year).

    @NovaCatt is being moved to the role of Junior Administrator, as is @Diemetius. Both will be helping Galder with the checking of new users, so that we can speed up the moderating of new users to hopefully be within 24 hours of registration.

    We look forward to seeing these guys working hard in their new roles.

    The X Universe Admin Team
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