• TXU's Recent Downtime

    As many of you will know, TXU suffered a significant and prolonged down time over the past week. In this thread/article we'll try and answer a lot of the questions relating to the downtime and it's impact on TXU.

    Why was their downtime?

    Almost two weeks ago one of the four RAID 10 harddrives developed a fault. Ensuing problems with the replacement of the drive meant that only two of the remaining three harddrives were usable. This had a knock on effect that the RAID could not be rebuilt properly, requiring a wipe of the server and a reinstall of the software.

    Why was the downtime so long?

    The server we use is a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Many VPS servers can run as independent servers on a single server, each taking a percentage share of the server resources. This requires a special software to run each partitioned section. Upon reinstall of the server Operating System (OS) it was discovered there was an incompatibility with the VPS software. This has taken almost a week in it's own right to fix, and was the fundamental reason for the length of this downtime.

    Why does TXU run only to the 23rd of April?

    When the harddrive problem was discovered, the hosts that run our server spent time backing up all of the data. But due to the delay because of the bank holidays, the harddrives were not replaced until several days later. This caused a black hole where content in that time was lost. All users that participated in that time period will need to repost that content.

    Will this happen again?

    We honestly can't say, as problems can develop at any time with any server.

    The hosts we use have offered us the opportunity of going on a faster UK based server (as opposed to the French based one at the moment) which is due to come online sometime in the next couple of weeks. We are likely to take up this offer (which should improve connectivity for more TXU users) which could require a few days downtime. However, if this does happen, we will provide as much notice as possible to the time and length of TXU's downtime.

    We appreciate this down time has delayed some of the work going on at TXU, so we have decided to run an Activity Contest starting 8am tomorrow (4th April at GMT time) morning for all users. Users who achieve an activity target of 75 points will automatically become part of the contest. The top five will be awarded a special award, and will also receive extra bonus credits/points to spend in the vBShop or in the Triple Triad area.

    We will post the details up on the contest in the morning, so keep an eye out for it in this forum.

    Again, we apologize for the length of the downtime, and look forward to seeing TXU get back to it's previous activity.
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    1. kevso101's Avatar
      kevso101 - {SM} -
      Wooo Hooo TXU is back... my withdrawl symptoms and starting to subside
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      Admiral Scoobing -
      Very glad TXU is back
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      vega -
      Im glad everything is working again - *thumbs up*
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      NovaCatt -
      Hiya Peeps,

      Wahey!! Glad to see is back up & running again!

      Like kevso, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms as well...

      Cheers & Thranx
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      kevso101 - {SM} -
      @NovaCatt..... I am scared how similar we are.... the other ends of the Planet so to speak, but alike in mind.... you should be very worried to have a mind like mine

      I am soooo happy TXU is back