• Updates and New Features

    Today we did a few minor updates and changes to the server configuration, which included two feature updates/changes.

    We have been using an arcade system for a while, in fact we've been through three different arcade systems. Today starts our fourth. The new Arcade system has recently been released and is undergoing some excellent trialing and development. We've been added to this trial list, and so we've migrated and imported all the old games into the new system.

    If there is any game that you would particularly like to see installed on the arcade, PM Mokonzi and he'll see if it can be arranged.

    Additionally, our 'Spacedock' area has been installed. There each user can add two 'ships' to their profile. In effect the system is a Garage system, allowing each user to upload their pics and stats of their in game ships. We're currently finishing updating the list of ships from the X Games. Most ships from X2 and X3 are included, and some older ones to. We are working on adding the variants in over the course of the day.

    If you find any problems with any features of the site, please post a bug report in this project.