• XTC news 24th December 2011

    X-Tended - Terran Conflict 2.0 pre-release news.

    The release of version 2.0 of XTC is drawing closer. Many of you will be wondering exactly why it has been so long since 1.2 was released and what in gods name could we have been up to that could have taken so much time to complete?

    Well lets see....

    • Active pirates - Pirates will come alive in XTC 2.0, seeking out weak targets, attacking stations and generally being more like pirates than before. Pirates will now build bases in hidden locations and create defences to fend off attacks. Building up laser tower defences is just one thing they will do, but this is just their first line of defence allowing them time to launch the bases fighter forces - forces that can also radio for bigger backup if things aren't going well for them....
    • Active Kha'ak - Kha'ak are bugs, bugs swarm, don't be caught in a swarm - Enough said.
    • Active Xenon - The Xenon hate organic life and will try to destroy it whenever and wherever they can. Xenon will now mount sector attacks, building up their forces and then pouring in through the gates or jumping directly into the sector for surprise attacks. They can also call for heavier ships if things start going bad.
    • Active race military - The military are fed up with being called 'Big girls blouses' and told they are about as effective 'As a chocolate fire-guard', so they now run fast patrol ships in their races territory. These patrols actively watch for enemy forces and once they are spotted radio their position back to HQ. Then HQ sends out ships to deal with the threat....
    • Active sector threat assessment system - The military now monitors sectors for threat assessment. We're all used to sectors having military ships floating about to protect them (usually core sectors), but how often is there a sector that has ships being destroyed all the time and it seems like no-one cares? This is no longer the case, the more ships and/or stations destroyed in a sector, the larger and stronger the military ships patrolling that sector will become. Conversely if a sector becomes quiet again, the amount of ships on constant patrol in it will slowly drop. This assessment is also weighted, an M2 or a station going boom will draw a lot more attention than a couple of M5's - People tend to get annoyed when big, noticeable and, most importantly, expensive stuff gets shredded.
    • Complete set of ship models - In 1.2 there were a lot of ships sharing models due to them not being finished yet. Each ship now has its own unique model.
    • New ships - New ships added to complete the started sets in 1.2 (M2+'s and TS+'s for example). Additionally there is now a complete set of TP+ ships (luxury yachts) for your enjoyment.
    • Shield system reworked - Added new types of shields. Hardened shield types for extra strength but slower to charge, faster charging shields that are weaker and finally a set of shields that charge faster than normal and are stronger than normal but not as fast or as strong as the specialized shield sets. Add in military versions of these shields as well and you have a total of 48 different shields to choose from now.
    • New generic missions.
    • Bug fixes and rebalances for current generic missions.
    • More new music.
    • New extended mission sets that allow you access to certain large and flyable assets....
    • And finally the one thing that has taken more time to do than almost anything else in the mod - Full and complete sets of race specific stations. No longer will Boron, Split, Paranid and Teladi share models with the Argon for the stations in their sectors, each race now has it's own set of stations. From the massive shipyards down to the lowly snail farms they all have their own models - each race sector now looks like it belongs to that race rather than having to make do with Argon cast-offs. Don't believe us? Check out the pictures below.

    (Click thumbnails to see full size image.)

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