• X-Tended - Terran Conflict Patch & Manual 2.1

    X-Tended - Terran Conflict Patch & Manual 2.1

    Where to start? After our Release for 2.0 only 3 active people remained. We went on to start and collect fixes for a patch. We didn't quite know how to continue, so we kind of ended up in a frozen state where little was done for quite some time. But since we didn't want to leave this whole thing that cost us so many work hours already in such a 'poor' ( playable but with numerous annoying bugs ) state, we fired up the machinery and deliver you the probably final version of XTC, as well as the updated Manual. It may have taken longer then expected, but i think it was worth the wait.

    Since our team is too small with only 2 left(Dillpickle as Mission Guru, Me as everything-else guy) and our interest for the game has kinda dimished, we won't develop any further new content.

    However, if there are outstanding bugs we will likely release a hotfix for it. As last departing "gift" i'd like to announce an experimental version of XTC for X3:AP. This version will make use of some new features of AP (like better OOS combat and bigger menu systems), but has barely been playtested, hence the name "experimental". It should be available in a couple of weeks.

    We'd like to thank all of you who gave us feedback and helped us to find bugs.
    Special Thanks to Loriel for his support, proofreading and the work on the Player-FAQ ,
    Special Thanks to Sam Redstone as well, for his unbreakable dedication as Tester during the whole development of XTC. (comes a little bit late, but hey) - We therefore confer him the title "Eminent XTC tester - With Honors "

    Download 2.1 Patch

    Download 2.1 Manual

    Download 2.1 Statistics Spreadsheet (combined version)

    Short Version: Extract the patch zip file into the folder of your X3:Terran Conflict installation that has XTC 2.0 installed (the folder where your x3tc.exe is located)

    Long Version:
    To get the most smooth transition we recommend you to fly into an empty/unknown sector prior installation, and save your game there. Backup your savegames, just in case. Then install the patch.
    Extract the patch zip file into the folder of your X3:Terran Conflict installation that has XTC 2.0 installed (the folder where your x3tc.exe is located)
    Overwrite everything if asked. By default XTC 2.0 occupies cat 14 & 15, the patch cat 16. If you use different numbers (because of other installed mods), you have to adjust the patch number accordingly. Beware that other mods can break xtc or the patch can break the mods.

    Q: Is this patch save-game compatible?
    A: Yes and no. You can install the patch and continue with your savegames. Some changes however will only occur after a very long time, or may not take effect at all. (For example - the new split ship will not be available in SY's without a new gamestart). What you definitely can't do is install the patch, play your savegame and then revert back to 2.0. Once saved with 2.1 you can't go back.

    Q: I really don't want to restart, how do i get the most out of the patch?
    A: Check out this thread. Feel free to ask there if you have any questions about the procedure

    Patch Changelog

    Ship fixes
    • New Split M6 "Acinonyx"
    • Mobile Pirate Base now "light carrier" of M7 class
    • swordfish made more interesting
    • fixed pirate&yaki utility loadouts (>Tractorbeam for Marauder)
    • M8 & TM now dockable on Wharfs and certain M2+
    • Khaak Sentinel Model changed
    • Khaak Destroyer Front lasers increased, Side lasers decreased
    • Small ship model fixes
      • Xenon M6 right turret cam
      • Terran M2 top/down turrets
      • Paranid M2+ Frontturret
      • Otas M2+ docks
      • Boron M7DC Frontweapons
      • Teladi TP+ weapons
      • Pirate Falchion guns
      • Asgard capital docks changed to M6&TS dock
      • Pirate Falcon Raider camera
      • Falchion camera
      • Verdandi textures improved
      • Khaak M1&M2 collision avoidance improved

    • Ship stat fixes
      • Leviathan missile compatibility
      • Deathclaw price
      • M7DC class dockingslots and pricing readjusted
      • Khaak corvette&vanguard prices swapped
      • Khaak corvette laser generator
      • Cerberus and Deimos stats adjusted
      • Perseus Sentinel lasergenerator
      • Pirate Chimera Raider lasergenerator
      • Pirate Buzzard Vanguard rollrate
      • Boreas & Polacca prices changed
      • Khaak Sentinel frontturret laser reduced
      • Paranid Agamemnon side turret weaponry corrected (Heavy&Medium instead of Medium)

    Item & Station fixes
    • Fix for shield recharge exploit after changing environment
    • Shield Charger now works continuously once activated (see manual)
    • Weapon Charger overhauled works more consitently now (no huge sudden drain of shield energy
    • Weapon Charger efficiency now depends on Difficulty setting (For 100% refill> Easy: 1/6, Normal/Custom: 1/5, Hard: 1/4 Shield)
    • ECM now consumes energy (laser or shield. strong pulse & emergency selfdestruct if neither available)
    • and does random damage to drones (no 100% instadeath)
    • Pirate base shields have correct shields now
    • Incendiary Bomb Launcher damage corrected
    • Ion Shard Railgun Projectile made bigger
    • Alpha& Beta EMPC Projectile Drawingdistance increased
    • Gamma&Delta Kyon Emitter turn rate increased
    • Barrage missile waresizes fixed
    • Corrected Terran & Xenon M7M Torpedo wareclass to XL (=higher ECM resistance)
    • Fixed Large& Colossal shield emitter stats
    • Typo's in shield descriptions corrected
    • PBC forge name fixed
    • Boron Stott L dock fixed

    Script fixes
    • Player owned ships can't bail anymore
    • Military reacts better to attacks and helps attacked ships more
    • No instant respawn of NPC escort ships anymore
    • Respawn time now depends on the difficulty setting like intended
    • Pirates use a more colorfull palette of ships (normal pirate ships now get used as well, not just race ships)
    • Pirates sometimes patrol with mobile pirate bases
    • AI makes better choices on which missile to use in Combat (less mosquito spam)
    • Pirate base patrol respawn time increased
    • Faulty Autorepair time and prices corrected
    • Kha'ak hibernation time adjusted
    • Variable kha'ak max sector cap based on difficulty.
    • Plot relevant sectors are now protected from khaak&xenon activity
    • Bailed ship dissappear sooner after bailing on default difficulty levels ( Easy 24h, Normal 12h, Hard 6h, Xtreme 3h)
    • Equip Trade plugin now prevents permafull stocks
    • Boarding transporter works more reliably now
    • Some ships that where not available ingame without cheating now roam the universe (although some are still quite rare, spoiler contains ships):
      spoiler: Goner Ganymede, ATF Baldric, ATF Sleipnir
    • ATF Military now patrol terran territory (spoiler contains ships not seen before)
      spoiler: Ragnarök, Tyr, Woden, Odin, Aegir, Skirnir, Verdandi
    • PlayerownedSY autoequip can now equip shields correctly
    • POSY's autoequip can't add infinite tunings anymore

    Plot fixes
    Divine Retribution (Paranid Plot)
    • Fixed finding trade station in Primeval Seas
    • Fix for mission stalling due to above bug
    • Fix for plot hanging after deliver ships mission

    Split Loyalties
    • Removed offer to spoiler: help Borons once started to work for Split
    • Fix for deliver fighters mission

    Pirate Plot
    • Fix for missing Pirate station to start plot
    • Fix for missing Terran Spacedock for spoiler: kidnap mission
    • Fix for missing station to deliver spoiler: Terran scientist
    • Fix for missing Pirate base in spoiler: Unlucky Decisions
    • Fix for missing Trade station in Sirius III
    • Fix for player ship recognition for towing ship mission

    Enemy at the Gate (Xenon/Boron Plot)
    • Reset plot start due to missing trade station in Extended Rift[/spoiler]
    • Fixes for various missing Plot stations
    • Fix for 'invincible' astronaut being destroyed
    • Fix for spoiler: Asgard wandering off rather than flying to position

    Generic Mission fixes
    Special Delivery
    • Fixed spawning Mammoths
    • Fixed being able to use Salvage Claim Software to claim ship

    Deliver Wares to TL
    • Fixed mission offer being cancelled once accepted

    Buy used Ship
    • Fixed mission being offered in abandoned sectors
    • Fixed being able to complete the mission if initially had insufficient credits

    Recover Ship
    • Fixed salvage bonuses
    • Repercussions for stealing enabled

    Rescue Prisoners
    • Fixed docked passenger check

    • Fix for non player kill completing mission successfully

    Buy Asteroid Information
    • Fixed clean up of missions offered from ships

    Fleet Support
    • Fixed spawning of unsupported fighter classes for drone carriers
    • Fixed Spawning Mammoths instead of fighters

    Manual Changelog
    • Section about the R6 Ship options added
    • Section about the Typhon Missile System added
    • Updated shield and laser section
    • AL Options clarified where necessary
    • Equipment description changes
    • Some Hardware description clarified where necessary
    • bits and bobs
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