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Memoirs of TXU

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I many times mean to get round to writing a comprehensive history of TXU and how it has got to where it is now. Such a thing is easier said than done (or in my case easier thought than done).

This is the beginning of this history. Once I've got somewhere near completion, I'll look at turning it into a proper article, but until then, here are some memories of TXU...

In the beginning, TXU began.

It was all down in concept, weeks had gone by, and I knew that building a forum and fan site around the X games was just what I wanted.

The problem was knowing how to go about it, especially since I'd just made my initial forays into web design and development.

It was while I was scanning the different scripts that could be used from my cPanel with the hosts I had then, that I noticed a forum script called SMF, Simple Machines Forum.


I installed it and started to get familiar with how things worked, how the admin worked, and how forums worked (because believe it or not, I'd not really used forums up until that time).

I eventually worked a way of customizing the styling to something I thought was half decent (I shudder as I think of the layout back then), a very pale blue reminiscent of the Deep Sky Blue colour we have here now. The logo was half baked, nothing like I wanted, but nothing more came to mind in it's design, so I installed it to it place at the head of this new website...

I launched the site in the smallest of ceremonies, creating a link in my signature and then scouring the forums at ES (Egosoft) for somewhere to 'help' and thereby get my signature out into the open.

Success became a thing of dreams as I posted there, with hardly anyone coming to TXU. I got a couple of members sign up... Perico72, darklight86, domflorrie. Most of these early ones popped on to the forums, registered, posted a couple of times, and then within a couple of months disappeared into the gloom of TXU's past.

It was within these stagnant times, where reaching a hundred posts was a miracle, that things took a sudden change...

To be Continued...
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