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Roger L.S. Griffiths

A Terran Adventure (Part 28) - Base of Operations

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As I finished degaussing the bridge after the final radiation sweep of the intensive cleaning process, I receive a communication from the Boron Intelligence Directorate (BID)... Apparently, the Yaki had decided to raid a number of Bala Gi's research stations in the hope of stealing some advanced technology but the Borons need help in Menelaus Paradise as their military forces are spread pretty thin. As I put away my tools, I instruct the ships computer to jump us to the East Gate of Menelaus Paradise.

Upon arrival in Menelaus Paradise, I note that the Yaki raiding party consisted of mainly of small fighters and a Xenon raiding party was keeping the local patrols busy. But they proved no match for me in my Spirit Eater.

As I fly through the debris of the last of the Yaki ships I get another message from BID indicating that the Argon Intelligence Directorate (AID) are planning a counter strike in order to prevent the Yaki exploitation of what little technology they did manage to steal and they are awaiting me in Cloudbase South West. Deciding to leave the Xenon to the local patrols, I jump to Cloudbase South West.

Upon arrival in the Argon sector, I note a Cerberus emitting the discrete but distinctive ID code unique to AID ships. As I approach the ship, I receive a flash message with my orders... I am to scout out Senator's Badlands for the Yaki research base and seek and destroy any Yaki ships showing signs of been equipped with Bala Gi's technology.

Setting my drive to target the North gate of Senator's Badlands, I prepare for a fur ball. From the north gate, I head southward watching my scanners carefully for the both the base and any enhanced ships. The sweep went quickly and quietly, encountering only a single enhanced mercury which I dutifully recycled into space dust. Upon discovery of the base near the south gate, I get another flash message with a recall order to Cloudbase South West. Anticipating that AID is going to want to mount a full scale assault I order Spirit Queen to rendezvous with me in Cloudbase South West.

Upon returning to the Argon sector, I teleport across to Spirit Queen and order Spirit Eater to dock at the local trading station ready for my return. Upon approaching the Cerberus, I get another flash message... apparently the Yaki have setup a minefield and AID wants me to clear it before they commit their ships to the assault.

Noting my inventory of 100 Poltergeist Missiles and 100 Wraith Missiles, I wonder if they will get off a single shot at the base... Targeting the south gate of Senator's Badlands, I instruct the missile crews to pre-load some poltergeists and ready a batch of wraiths for the mission. Unable to target the mines from the HUD, I use the intel from AID to target the mines using the tactical map and launch multiple poltergeist swarms at each cluster of mines as I get with-in acceptable missile range. With the poltergeist intelligent targeting systems the missile swarms wiped out the mines in no time at all, switching target to the next closest mine as their primary targets evaporated from missile impact.

No sooner than ~90% of the mines were destroyed, I note the arrival of the AID ships through the South Gate and I receive another flash message from AID inviting me to join the assault. My crew load up the wraith missiles in anticipation of my next order... Get that base out of MY sector... A few missile launches and explosions later the base is vapourised, and I receive a flash message from BID to visit their office in Kingdom End.

Congratulating the crew on their exemplary performance, I instruct the navigator to take us to Cloudbase South West to rendezvous with Spirit Eater, and so that they can take some shore leave there before RTB.

Upon arrival at Kingdom End in Spirit Eater, I head straight to BID's offices there. Upon arrival, they brief me that the Yaki have located one of Bala Gi's old command ships (a Boron Orca) and have captured it. So now they want me to board and recover this ship which has been detected in the vicinity of Light Water and Shining Currents (details were rather sketchy). Deciding to opt for the safe bet and jump to the North Gate of shining currents, I instruct my OTAS Sirokos (Spirit Lasso) to meet me there and prepare for their first mission.

As I enter the bridge of Spirit Lasso, the crew salute me as the yeoman hands be the latest mission readiness report. Noting a full complement of 30 highly trained marines (not elite forces but fully trained), more than enough boarding pods, and a plentiful mix of Fighter Drones, Fighter Drone Mk IIs, and Keris Drones I head to the tactical board and note the target Orca in the North East quadrant of the sector safely away from the local patrols.

As we approach the Orca, I launch a few drones (standard and Mk IIs) and instruct them to attach the Orca as I take the helm and manouver the ship into the blind spot underneath the vessel and launch my marines at the ship. After some initial problems with the first couple of teams one of them breaks through the hull of the ship and the fight began... a little while later I receive the all clear signal from the marines and the ship is mine (albeit with no shields).

With the ship captured (and an e-notice from BID informing me that I can keep the ship and it's contents as a reward for my efforts), I teleport across the Jump Drive and some e-cells from Spirit Lasso and call in Spirit Eater to rendezvous with me. Teleporting across to Spirit Eater, I order the Sirokos and it's surviving marines to RTB.

Inspecting the Orca more closely, I note that it is carrying a Headquarters construction kit! Having already prepared a sector to establish my primary base of operations, I instruct the Orca (now bearing the registration Spirit of Bala Gi) to jump to the Unknown Sector next to Mists of Elysium and build my Headquarters in the centre of the sector.
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