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Been putting a lot of effort into allowing quicker article entry within the wiki.

There's been so much work going into it, and with the complexity of some of the templates and articles, the editors have had a hard job entering data, particularly for the bigger ships with more turrets, etc.

To solve this we've been working on creating an Excel spreadsheet that will manipulate the data into the correct final format. So far entries such as Minotaur and Skirnir have been done using this new system, and it looks very promising.

A big thanks has to go to a few people on the work on the Wiki. D!S7RUG@7OR for his long term hard work and effort in editing and leading the wiki team. ThanRo and Kalah who have been working hard on entering data, Kalah for the XTM sections, and ThanRo for the templates and regular entries. And lately theincrediblenick has done a great deal to get things moving again, and has helped finish most of the M5 entries.

Well done to everyone, the efforts have been worth it, and the place is looking better and better.
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