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My Latest Challenge

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Hello to all and welcome to my first ever blog.

Firstly I would like to say a bit about me, My name is Dave aka Admiral Scoobing I live in Manchester England with my wife and son. My wife and me have lived here for the past 7 years and our son came along 16 months ago (Anyone that likes sleep be warned kids make sure you dont sleep ).

The reason that I am writing this blog is to tell you all about my up and coming challenge in the next month which is The Great Manchester Run on Sunday 16th of May witch is a 10K or 6.6 Mile run from Manchester city centre out to Salford Quays and back again. For those who would like some more information on the run below is a link to the Great manchester Run web site

I did the run for the first time last year on behalf of a charity called Mind (who support people with mental health problems) the reason that i chose that charity to run for it that at the time of the run and previously i was myself suffering with sever depression and i was getting a great deal of support from many different places and doing the run helped me two fold, firstly the running helped me to stay focused and calm also running for a charity was a good way for me to give back to those who helped me.

This year im doing the run again for the same charity with the aim of raising as much money as possible for them and also to beat my time from last year which was 1 hour 8mins also my little sister is doing the run with me this year, no matter what she is not allowed to beat me across the finish line.

Over the next few weeks i will be adding more to my blog to let you all know how my training has been going and ultimatly how the run went and what my time was.

Also if any one is willing to sponsor me for doing the run there is a link below to how you can sponsor me on line - Just so you know i have been given permission by the admin team to put this blog on and ask for sponsorship.

Anyone wanting any further information for the charity im running for their web address is

thank you

Admiral Scoobing
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  1. Admiral Scoobing's Avatar

    Well this is the hard part of doing the run as it suprisingly involves alot of exercise which i have to admit that once you get used to it is quite alot of fun.
    I'm currently doing 3 runs a week of varying length but not under 2 miles thats the least i'll run i have been doing this for the past 2 months to build up my stamina and hopefuly i will be able to do the 10k with no problems. Over the weekend just gone i have been away in wales which makes a nice change from running in a city so did a few good runs along the beach where i was staying which was very enjoyable. With just under 2 weeks to go now i've realy got to focus on the training and have a few practise 10k runs planned to see how well im coming on hopefuly i'll be able to beat my time from last year
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  2. Admiral Scoobing's Avatar
    Wll suprisingly ive been doing more running in preparation fot the 10k run I did a 5k run last night which went well and i completed the run in around half an hour so im hoping that when i do the actual 10k ill be completing it in an hour or a bit less if im lucky

    P.S anyone with spare cash fancy sponsoring me i would be very greatfull as all proceeds go to a great charity called Mind who offer support for suffers of mental illness id you can sponsor me you can do so by clicking on the link below and follow the instructions there
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  3. Admiral Scoobing's Avatar
    Well the run was yesterday morning I started at 11.30 am it was cold ,wet and windy not the best weather for running in when your out to enjoy yourself still there i was. We had a warm up session before the race started which did help to warm us all up.

    The race started and we where all off about 2000 of us in my wave of runners i was making good time wenk past the 1k,2k and 3k markers with no problems and the sun was comong out this was turning out to be a good day and a nice run.

    But i got to the 4k marker and disaster a knee injury that i got from running last year springs up again that was definatly not something i had planned on as i'd had no problems from it well in a year from running to whole race i was reduced to running for about a kilometer before my knee gave out again and i had to walk for a while to recover enough to start up again.

    Well i did manage to get round the whole run not as well as i would of liked but i did it in 1hour 17 mins while 9 minutes slower than last year i did it withan injured knee which is now well strapped up and im taking pain killers so all in all im fairly happy with the run. I'll be back next year to do more of the same but without a busted knee i hope
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