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Welcome - thanks for reading. I'm from British Columbia, I'm currently unemployed waiting to go to trade school in May. I am retraining from being a lumberjack to being an electrician. If you think that is a stretch, my original profession was Unix systems admin. I have a certificate for completing Sun Solaris advanaced administration around here somewhere. Life is great. In my spare time I like to play X3:TC, obviously, as I'm here I also play EVE Online, Dragon Age origins, and I just cannot let Railroad Tycoons 3 die. I have 3 kids and a cat. My home is too small for a dog.

My aim in this blog is to relate X3:TC experiences. Especially in regards to XTC. It is my claim that XTM is the only thing that kept X3 alive.. I enjoyed XTM's variety and in my opinion improvement on balance and fun in X3:R. I among hundreds of others I'm sure, eagerly await XTC's arrival.

With those details out of the way.. on to game experiences
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