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Finishing the Terran plot

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In my 3rd game start with X3:TC (yes, I only just recently got the game). I am completely focused on finishing the major plot lines. Having broken the Goner plot in my last start by using Sector Takeover on gaian star - I am using LV's cheats to accomplish the missions to make sure any new content (such as new home) is available when i finally get to a point where i can play the way i like to. Once I've completed the major plotlines I will destroy the ships created with LV's cheats (hyperion and mamoth so far) and basically start from fresh.

Unfortunately for me, I am constantly plagued with crashes to desktop. This really takes a lot of the enjoyment out of the game. If I miss a save, i can lose an hour or more with nothing to show for it.

In my last sit down with the game, i ended after a CTD when the deca ship had finally been captured. This was quite frustrating because my last save had occured when being recalled to the Moon. I've started this section of the Terran plot again today, only to get another CTD on my way to accept this last mission. Argh. Terran space is very frustrating for me, since you cant jump between sectors. It is rare that my game CTD's anywhere but the gates, although it crashes at the gate (sector load) quite often. Thus, because i have to actually load every Terran sector from Asteroid belt to the Moon - it can result in a number of reloads. Compounded by the fact the Terran sectors are quite large, it can take me an hour just to make the transit. I'll be glad when the Terran plot is complete.

I've already started the Goner plot. The mammoth was used to create all of the materials for the first few missions. I originally did these with a Mistral, that was interesting because it took several trips to get everything to EoL. The mammoth sure did make things easier.

oddly enough my game just crashed while saving. First time for that one I'm going to reboot and run a HDD check. I dont think I've done one since installing win7 about a month ago. Maybe this will help on the other CTD's as well. Who knows
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