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#deca bailed

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So i have the NPC bail addon installed. i havnt really found much use for it - I just thought it created more realism. I personally feel the value of life is rather low in the x-universe. Too many pilots (especially pirates) pick a fight and would rather die which i find horribly unbelieveable. Just looking at the # of ships you've destroyed in your stats shows how ridiculous this is (in X3:R it showed something like 300 falcon's ... 300 pilots chose to die in a rust bucket falcon... unreal.)

Back to the original topic - I'm back to completing the Terran missions, get to the part where you need to capture the #deca, i've launched my marines and suddenly it turns blue and the capture music is still going and nothing is happening. There are about 5 spacesuits in space. The message comes in my boarding party is eliminated the shields werent down long enough .. i scratch my head again - and sure enough the shields are at 100%.

Short story - the #deca bailed and I had to cheat a "change control" to the player then it blinked and the plot moved on.

I ran into the save problem again - apparently i didnt wait long enough the last time. Trying to save to the same slot as before it appeared to hang. I decided to wait longer - and it finally came back and said "Saving failed". It then wiped out the slot and I tried again and it saved. Never had this happen b4 - not sure what's going on there but I cant be bothered to worry about it at the moment.
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