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Abusing nividium..

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First, as a follow-up to my last blog, the sound drivers seemed to have helped a little but certainly not 100%. Or maybe I havnt been playing as much the last couple of days so I havnt experienced as many CTD's. *shrug*.

Now, on to this nividium thing. I was tempted. I failed to resist the temptation. I started a little nividium operation for myself. Using the Unknown sector in the Southeast I brought in 5 demeter miners from Duke's citadel and after getting them all setup left them at it. Each ship sells for 9.6mil So, 5 Demeters is just under 50mil. After day 4 i've started just leaving them overnight so each morning I wake up to 50mil.

I'm doing this in a SMALL scale compared to other postings on the ES forums and I can already see how unbalancing this strategy is. It completely dwarfs the income available from just about any other passive source. I mean, sure, after your 120th chip plant it might balance out but this strategy has minimal overhead. No warnings from betty that your ships are being blasted by Q patrols. No screams of frustration when the last station of the load isnt close enough to the complex to be connected. No blinking yellow warning lights when the resources arent perfectly matched up. Using this method I could easily finish the HUB plot without ever planting a complex. I suppose you could say, it's not necessarily unbalancing but is certainly an option with less frustration.

I guess the real problem I have with this whole idea is the fact I believe selling the ship to the shipyard and getting paid for it's contents is the exploit. Honestly, I think the shipyard should do one of two things when you sell your ship. 1. "Your ships cargohold is not empty- this shipyard does not pay for goods. Please empty your cargohold before attempting to sell your ship" 2. "Do you want to sell this ship? You will not be paid for cargo you might have left in the hold". Generally, I think the player is going to turn around and find places to sell the cargo (which the game can be balanced for). He may have forgotten there was cargo in the hold - so now he gets a warning before losing it. But he doesnt get PAID for cargo he couldnt sell. Now the other side of that coin is - the shipyards dont pay NEAR the actual value for the goods or the ship. In a way I could see the Teladi taking advantage of this - and because it's nividium maybe the paranid - but the other races I doubt it.

As for me? I am on my way to an Unknown Terran sector to start using TL's for nividium exploitation.
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