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Pimp my TC! Start Mod GSH, now available in english language

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Pimp my TC!

GSH version 1.0 (Galder's Start Helper)
Writers: krm398, Nova Catt
Idea and MDcode: Galder

I always felt that the gamestarts were too uniform. Everything was only: "You are from race XY, and now you're supposed to grow up being the most powerful being, and as a bonus... filthy rich!." Translation: "Yo, dude, your six has now a green color. Have fun with it." There was no backgroundstory, and it was hard to identify with this individual. So i decided to change it a bit.
Also, i hated to be limited to a certain start. I always felt that a little diversity or customistaion would be a good thing to have. So i decided to change that also.

The result is this Mission Director script. It adds 36 new and unique start options. It was made to have different purposes, so let me explain.

What's GSH, and how it's working in game.

First of all, these scripts are starting AFTER a gamestart has been chosen. Because of various reasons, it takes 5 seconds before they start. You will receive an incoming message from a more or less known entity of the universe It'll give you some questions, like which race do you want to belong to, which would be the preferred way of help? And so on. You can make a single choice each time, and afterwards the script vanishes and will never surface again, leaving you with your choice behind.
In the question series, you can define your race and the relation to other races. Depending on your choice, you will be rewarded with one or more ships. There are start options for every race, including Argon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi, Terran, Pirate, and even one for the Yakis. Each one with a unique set of relations to other races, and a unique reward.

If you start your game, you will find only TWO new game starts at the end of the list. "Megalomaniacs" and "High ambitions". The Egosoft plots are ENABLED in the Megalomaniacs start, but DISABLED in the High ambitions start.
The script from High Ambitions will start in every other available stock Egosoft gamestart also. So if you'd like to play your very own gamestart with the choices of High ambitions, just start a normal ES gamestart, and you will be asked the same questions and you will have the same rewards. This was done to have some additional fun in your universe. Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you morph from a peaceful boron Lar into a fierce sushi loving Split? Right in the middle of Kingoms End? Or suddenly being a paranid priest in a Machete in a terran sector? Well, be careful, you could live in interesting times. Everything is possible, but keep in mind, some of the ES start plots require a certain relation to a race, like poisened paranid
IMPORTANT: If you like to play an ES gamestart without any changes or reward, just choose the option "Do nothing" and the script will end, so you can play the ES start unchanged.

Detailed informations:
The available races in "High ambitions" and all other ES gamestarts are:
Argon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi, Terran.
The available choices for your career are for each mentioned race:
Salesman, Privateer, Soldier of fortune.
Salesman will give you a TS of the chosen race, Privateer will give you a M3/M3+ of the chosen race, Soldier of fortune will give you a M6 of the chosen race.
These ships are meant to help you to start your new career, you will need to equip/tune them a bit... well, you will certainly know what to do
The gamestart "High ambitions" was made to have the freedom to play without any active plot.

The available races in "Megalomaniacs" are:
Argon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi, Pirate.
The available choices for every race are:
Wealth, Power, Respect.
Wealth will reward you with a TL of the chosen race and a little surprise, Power will reward you with a carrier and two fighters of the chosen race, Respect will reward you with a M2 of the chosen race.
Now... as these are pretty strong ships, there are some obstacles. Not a mission as you may be used to it, more a kind of brain teaser, with a difficulty level depending on your way and style to play
The Megalomaniacs start is also a bit more serious as the High amitions one.
There are some goodies hidden sometimes, look at your equipment. Also, the pirate starts have very unique ships, so they have some more restrictions, but in return... well, have a look at them

Story example:
(Split start, do you remember the BBS in Reunion? )
After being the youngest competitor in the Galactic Snipers Competition, three years running, you've made a name for yourself. This year you'll get it all, and when it's your turn you go for it! The target, on a small asteroid disappears in an instant but a second later so does the asteroid even while fans and media cheer on. The explosion and wreckage do enormous damage to the Judges ship nearby and while you definitely won the competition, you lose on the sheer fact the judges are all charging you with attempted murder. What wusses they are, what's a little shrapnel anyways?? But that's not how they see it and your disqualified and stopped from competing ever again.

Now you live anyway you can, your reputation is gone and you have serious enemies that just won't forget. In a pirate bar you hear that a gang has captured an older Split capitol ship and even after they claimed it, the codes they have won't let it be operated. As a commander yourself you know that some ships had a manual code while others had an AI code that meant an officers serial number had to be spoken by him, personally, to gain access, and you still remember yours. After a few more drinks and a short walk, very short for him, you have the location and his intel from the chip he carried. Now you gather some old friends and a few marines and go back, not just to liberate the ship but to regain your pride and all the respect you lost that day, or die trying!

You will find a zip file attached to this post. Unzip it into your main game path, which should be something like ...\EGOSOFT\X3:Terran Conflict\. In this path you will find already a lot of *.cat and *.dat files and the x3tc.exe. After extracting the zip file, there will be 2 new files, and GSHv1en.dat. Look at the existing and numbered cat/dat files and note the highest number. Right click on, rename it, so it will have the highest number. If there's a, rename to Rename GSHv1en.dat in the same way. Renaming can be done by right clicking on the file and choosing rename. Always rename BOTH files, cat and dat.
That's it. The next time you start Terran Conflict, you will have the starts available.


Just delete the cat and dat files you have renamed.

The gamestarts mod will certainly add a **modified**, the only achievement, which can be obtained outside of Steam So it won't work with DiD starts. Be careful with oher mods which are using MD scripts. It's possible that they won't start. Any ES MD script will. To get a compatibility to other, player written MD files a different installation method is nescessary, which i will provide later on. A bit more complicated, that's why the first release contains cat/dat files, as they're pretty easy to handle.


And now it's time to thank krm398 and Nova Catt. Without their help, i wouldn't be able to present this Start Mod in english language, as i'm more a kind of wordbutcher than a wordsmith in english language So krm398 and Nova Catt are the real authors of the text and stories you will encounter. Their help was invaluable!!! <-Three exclamation marks Many thanks to both of you.
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Updated 12-11-2010 at 10:11 PM by Galder

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