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XTC background

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So, for all those, who may have missed some points, or are interested in some ship facts, here are some informations from my side.

How to judge about XTC ships.

This HowTo is meant to give you an overview about the distinctions between the XTC ships. There are numerous changes, but lets start with the most basic things.

Ship classes are now having a unique cargo class in XTC. The smaller the ship, the smaller the cargo size it can carry. A M4 has the cargo class "S", which means it can't carry anything above S.
The cargo classes for ships in UNMODIFIED TC are:
S, M, L, XL and ST.
Note, the cargo class T also exists, but it is hidden, as it defines the software upgrades and so on.
The cargo classes usable for ships in XTC are:
T, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and ST.
So, if you're looking at a weapon or a shield and ask yourself where this can be used, it's easily answered by looking at the ware class size. Anything which has the cargo class M labeled on it can only be mounted on ship of the M3 class and above. If you're a scripter and try to filter the ships in a sector which you got in an array, sort them by cargo class, and you can tell exactly what shiptype this is. This should cut down the amount of code lines needed to get a certain shiptype in a script.

Here's the table:

You will have already noticed that this includes some changes. TS are now heavier shielded than their TC counterparts. They mount XL class shields, which is also used on frigates. That should help to boost their survivability Weapons and shields, for the M1 and above classes, can only be transported by specialised ships from the new TS+ class.

In addition to the above, there were all variants added to the fighter classes. Every fighter has now the Standard, Vanguard, Raider, Sentinel and Hauler variant available. Note that their standard equipment can be different if you buy them, not only their raw ship stats Some have a unique equipment.

Before you go straight for the M7M-bombing-it-all-away-by-missiles route with fighters also, make yourself comfortable with the new missiles. They are also sorted by cargo class for each missile type, so you can see where they can be used, just by looking at the cargo class. While the missiles used by normal ships have a limited range, the M7M class got a broad variety of usable missiles for combat. Boarding Pods are excluded, as they have only one purpose. Every M7M can use any available M7M exclusive missile. The different missiles are produced and sold by the different races. Have a look at them to choose the missile suitable to your fighting style. You can shoot split M7M missiles in a teladianian M7M

Speed issues
With only a few exceptions, the ship classes have now more or less the same speed values. That means, a M3 won't be able to catch up a fleeing M4. But it also means, that you can't run away in a ship of the same class like your enemy. It is still possible to get some space between you and your enemy, but it takes a bit of maneuvering and a good idea about how to do that The old rumor of "slow ship=high agility" doesn't apply anymore. That said, starting a career as an Admiral on your own M1, using fighter wings to obliterate your enemies, has now a wider choice of usable fighters.

Every ship has a set of TWO weapons available. There is always on every ship the generic weapon class available. In addition to that, every ship has the race counterpart of the generic weapons available, so you can always choose between them.
The exceptions here are the Terrans, Kha'ak and the Xenons, as they have their own and very unique set of weapons. They don't have generic weapons available.
Every ship is downward compatible. For example, the generic weapons for the fighter class are PAC, PBE and HEPT. In any M5, you can only use PAC, in any M4 PAC and PBEs, in any M3/M3+ PAC, PBE and HEPT. This applies to all race specific weapons also, if available. Ships are NOT upward compatible. You won't be able to mount a weapon of the classes above
As the M1 and above are most commonly flown from the bridge, and the player sits rarely in his turrets to fire the weapons himself, the charged bullet feature has been removed from the most heaviest weapons. Instead of this, the M7 weapons are generally chargeable now, as this feature is used best, if you're about to fire your weapons directly from the bridge. This charge is boosting the damage significantly for a short time.

Shields do have two different qualities. Normal and millitary shields. Both are providing exactly the same amount of protection, but millitary shields are recharging a lot faster. Finding them will be in the beginning very hard, so keep every millitary shield you can get your fingers on Shields have the same cargo class scaling like weapons.

This mod doesn't require a certain screen resolution, but it is REALLY best viewed with open eyes If you fly around in any ship you like, mind the size and shape of the thing you're sitting in. It is recommended that you think in certain situations. If you're about to dock with a ship, like the Rockies rebuilt in 1:1 scale, on a Equipment dock, which has only half the size, it would be generally helpful to make up your mind and try to be careful, while docking and undocking. We also don't take any responsability if you try to ram your TS sized ship into a docking bay meant for a Scout.
Using a gate is sometimes, depending on the ship you're using, an adventure on its own. Please consider that you may use a smaller ship than one, which is forcing tectonic events, if it comes near any planet. It could be less stressful if you plan to (sector-) hop around a lot.

Ok, this should help a bit to get started with XTC
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    Nice overview
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    'Read the Manual', they said. 'Use your brain', they said. And then Galder wrote this.
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