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Memoirs of TXU - Part 2

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It was while scouting around for someone to help I came across Moxy's M7 Mod (known as MMM for short). This discovery was to change TXU forever.

I'd always been a big fan of the X series. I liked the ideology of the games, and wished there was more to the games, extended plots, etc. MMM was what I needed. It expanded on the concepts that made X so good, it filled the gaps X had.

I remember the excitement I had as I looked on the model concepts that Moxy (now more extensively known as Mox) had posted at Egosoft. I read every word of the thread (all 30+ pages at that time), and was hooked.

Quote Originally Posted by Mokonzi
PS If you want any mirror sites to host the mod when it's completed, I'll be happy to help.
It was that post that changed things forever. I had eagerly offered the services of TXU to 'Moxy' to be a mirror download. Things moved quickly from there, with Mox taking me up on that offer, though an additional option for them to use the forums at TXU was turned down.

The date was February 15th, 2006.

The quick downloads from TXU's server rapidly made it the download source that people went to first. The file sizes back then weren't that big, a few MB at most, but bandwidth got eaten up quicker than I expected, and I had to up my allocation several times in that week.

As I said previously, Mox didn't take up the offer to use TXU's forums at first, as they already had a base they were using at that time, but things changed within the week, and suddenly TXU started to get more visitors, more users, and more interest.

If you scan some of the oldest threads at TXU (you'll only have access to the none development threads) you'll see that interest picked up quickly. With the M7 Mod's ascendancy at Egosoft, TXU also became a place people visited frequently, though at this time little was posted outside of the Mod forums, as the main interest was Mox's excellent work.

To be Continued...
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