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Roger L.S. Griffiths

A Terran Adventure (Part 3) - Future Investments

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Emboldened by the success of my first Crystal Production complex I looked to the neighbouring sectors of Montalaar and New Income. Both of these sectors have a few asteroids but Montalaar is richer in Silicon.

Reviewing my plans for complexes there are two more complexes on my wish list... a Microchip complex (Montalaar is well suited for this) and a Computer Component complex (New Income will do, but it will only be a small one and Pirates could be a problem).

As passing pirates are currently a concern in New Income, I set up a pair of Patrol groups (each consisting of 1 Yokahama with 2 Katana escorts) to help passify the sector. It will not cure the problem, but it might be enough to persuade them to use alternate safer routes in time.

With New Income re-inforced I turn my attentions to the quieter sector of Montalaar. I check my assets and then decide to recruit two more patrol groups to secure Montalaar. Next I setup my first Microchip complex placing it near the East gate where I have set-up my second base of operations.

After ensuring production is running smoothly I turn my attentions to more pressing matters. There has been a fair amount of Pirate activity in the South Eastern Boron sectors according to the reports of my traders and one or two of them have been under attack down there.

Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I dock at my mobile command ship "Spirit Queen" and target the west gate of Menelaus' Oasis. Upon entering the sector there are a couple of stations in the south eastern quadrant that have been subjected to protection racketeering.

My scouts have reported that there is a Pirate outpost in the unclaimed sector south of here and I suspect that they may be responsible for the racketeering. Formulating my plan, I first jump my fast response destroyer fleet of 4 Boreas to the north gate of the sector in question and tell them to defend the gate, then I jump my flag ship "Spirit King" to the south gate of Menelaus Oasis and tell them to hold position just infront of the gate with Weapons Free control order on their Starburst cannons.

With my forces in place, I tell the station managers to send the message to the Pirates that they are willing to pay up. The pirates seemed to be either expecting a trap or planning to make an example of the station owners because they came in vast numbers of pirate corvettes.

Luckily for us, and unluckily for the Pirates, my forces dispatched them without even breaking a sweat. The station owners were so grateful that they gave me the money that they would have had to pay the Pirates for this manufacturing cycle... a princely sum of over 100 million credits between them! So this is how the Pirates are managing to finance their Destroyer and Frigate R&D.

With the pirate force now passified for now I decide to find their base and destroy it. Instructing my destroyer group and flag ship to RTB, I procede to enter the unclaimed sector.

The sector itself is rather cluttered with Asteroids, at least 30% of which are of a decent yield of either Ore or Silicon. In addition there are some Nividium asteroids as well, parking the Spirit Queen I go down to the hangar deck and hop into my personal Spitfyre with the purpose of locating the base.

Looking at the lower end of the EM band on the Spitfyre's frequency scanner, I notice some rather weak signals originating from the north eastern quadrant of the sector. Kicking the engine into high gear I head towards the apparent origin of the signals.

As I approach the apparent source of the signals I notice there is nothing there but there appears to be apparently man made EM emmissions similar to that of a large nuclear power plant originating from a position south of signal source.

Altering my course slightly, I head towards the apparent source of emmissions but stop just as the Pirate base came into scanner range. Checking my passive scan readings I note that the Pirate base has no visitors today, it was probably the resident pirates I toasted earlier, but does have 3 laser towers setup as a point defence array.

I send the signal to the Spirit Queen to head towards my position and instruct the weapons officer to prep 25 Wraith missiles for imminent launch. With my battle preparations in motion I head back to the Spirit Queen and ready the crew for our sneak attack.

On the bridge of my command ship, I tell the bridge crew to direct missile targeting and fire control to my chair so that I can have the pleasure of wiping these pirates off the map. Targeting the middle of the 3 laser towers I launch one wraith missile from our safe distance of 50km and then launch the remaining 24 missiles at the Pirate Base as we close into range of the PSP cannons.

The 3 laser towers vapourise from explosions created by the first missile. The remaining 24 all then slam straight into the Pirate base wiping out the station before they could get a signal off for help.

With the pirate base out of the way and 100 million credits in my pocket, the sector I am in is looking very lucrative. A quick survey of the available asteroids shows that I can setup a 12 fab crystal complex here and still have enough resources left in the sector for future investment and expansion.

Noting that Menelaus' Oasis (the only neighbouring sector) has not much by way of sector defence I decide to setup a third base of operations down here. In no time at all my team of construction ships have built the 12 fab complex and an equipment dock in the sector. As a security measure I instruct my remaining 2 untasked capital ships (a Teladi Phoenix and a Teladi Condor) to take up defensive positions near the north gate.

For now, Menelaus' Oasis, will be left unpatrolled so as to make my third outpost as low profile as possible. In time I will hire 2 more patrol groups so as to secure that sector and provide further security measures for my third outpost.
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Updated 29-05-2009 at 04:54 PM by Roger L.S. Griffiths

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