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The trials and tribulations of Aerus Elles

About first steps and beginner's luck

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Log entry: 768-05-01
My name is Aerus Essel and I've just started my adult life in the X3 universe. I worked hard to get my own ship and I'm ready to go. OK, so my ship is nothing more than a humble Buster and I've only got 1000 credits on me but hey, adventure is free right?!

My starting place is Argon Prime. I reckon I'll do some aimless wandering at first and then decide later what to do. I decide to go north first into safe territory. I might be eager for adventure but I have no appetite for unnecessary danger.

This way I explored most of the argon systems to the north. I made a turn to the east and explored the argon sectors The Hole and The Wall.

After coming back to Argon Prime I remembered a conversation I had with an old drunken retired pilot back on my home planet. He often hang out in the bar me and my friends frequented.

He had often spoken about derelict ships floating out in space. These were owner-less and could be claimed by anyone who found these ships. Given the staggering prices ships cost nowadays this was the modern day version of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

He had mentioned two sectors which according to him contained two such ships. As he was always drunk I'd never taken him seriously. But now I was floating in space and looking for adventure I thought this might as well be my first adventure!

The two sectors were an unknown sector and Yaki sector who bordered each other. It was perhaps a risky undertaking for a rookie like me but they were surrounded by Parinids sectors, which, even if not entirely friendly, are not outright hostile.

So I programmed the coordinates into my navigational computer and kicked back while admiring the view of the universe around me. After some time I arrived in Empire's Edge, the sector next to the Yaki sector Savage Spur.

I flew to the jump gate, took a deep breath and flew into the energy field which warped me into the criminal hotbed of Savage Spur.

When I arrived and got back to full speed I checked my radar. So far so good: some traders and few other ships but nothing red. The old pilot had mentioned the derelict was in the bottom right corner of the map so that's where I headed.

I nervously kept scanning my radar for any red blips but it was very quiet, nothing like I had expected having heard the stories about the Yaki.

Suddenly my radar picked up a strange contact, when I double checked I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a derelict ship! The old drunk guy had been right all along!

I made sure that no ships were near because now I was about to do the most dangerous part. To claim this ship I had to get out of the comfort and safety of my own ship. The reason being that you had to get close enough to contact the on-board computer and activate it, something which was not possible while being in a ship.

Having made sure that no one was near I got out my cockpit and steered towards the ship. I could now see it was a Enhanced Pericles, a M4 class Paranid fighter.

A very decent fighter and much better than my Buster. I got close enough to contact the on-board computer and straightaway it responded. I had claimed the ship!

As quick as I could I got back into my cockpit and gave the order to my new 'acquisition' to follow me. And there was only one way I was headed now and that was to the unknown sector as if the old guy had been right about this derelict ship there was no reason to assume he was wrong about the location of the other derelict ship.

Having arrived in the sector I was again surprised by the lack of danger here. Perhaps space was not a cold and hard place after all!? I made my way to the area the old guy had mentioned the ship to be. And sure enough I got a unknown blip on my radar. I was getting very excited now.

Having been a poor nobody this morning it seemed I was about to see a staggering rise in my networth. After I had got out of my cockpit I identified the ship as a Advanced Eclipse.

I checked the basic stats and to my delight I realised that this was a M3 class ship. Only small downside was that it was designed by pirates and therefore perhaps would not be a popular sight in Argon sectors. But hey, what did I care, the average price was listed as 5.7 million credits!!!! I was over the moon (figuratively spoken of course).

I decided that for now that this would be my base ship as the shields were a whopping 100k which made me feel all nice and safe.
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