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The trials and tribulations of Aerus Elles

About becoming friends with the Argon

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Now I had some experience and more importantly some credits under my belt I thought the time had come to dip into some trading. I've had found Emperor's Ridge and it contained an equipment and trading dock where I could upgrade my other ship with all sorts of command software.

First I needed to collect the Galactica. I could have commanded it to fly me on auto-pilot but I judged it too risky as it would have had to fly through pirate sectors. On my way to the Galactica (in Cloudbase SouthEast ) I quickly realised that using pirates as target practice had come at a cost: pirates seriously didn't like me!

In Split Fire I encountered a small pirate task force. I was my first introduction to the Carrack, from a distance fortunately. But I was dismayed to realise that pirates didn't just fly in Harriers and Raiders.

I had to run for my life again but fortunately my speed kept me ahead of my pursuers but I made a mental note to visit any pirate sectors soon.

After some boring travel (had to take the long way around to avoid Split Fire) I arrived back with my two ships in Emperor's Ridge where I maxed out my Galactica. It could now function as a small freighter with adequate defense for all sectors but pirate ones.

My plan was to experiment with the command software. I had also heard that at TerraCorp HQ I would be able to buy the Trading MK3 software which would enable me to hire a pilot for my ship. I liked the idea of being the boss of someone so I had to to go all the way back to Home of Light.

So back I went on the long way around to Home of Light. To be fair, after the eventful first day in space I was in need of some R&R. I spent most of the time sleeping.

When I arrived for the first time in Home of Light I got to see the massive TerraCorp HQ for the first time in real life. The size of it was awe-inspiring, this HQ is a symbol of just how influential TerraCorp has become in the universe nowadays. I have to admit that I flew around the whole HQ in awe before I docked.

Here I found out that the Trading Software MK3 was indeed on sale here but that I was not considered a good enough Argon friend yet. They simply refused to sell it to me.

This meant I had to change my plans somewhat. As I really wanted the MK3 software I had to earn my right to buy it. This meant finding any Argon with something to do and offering my help to them.

So I opened up my comm channel and contacted any Argon looking for help. I tried to keep it interesting for myself by trying to find assassination missions. Having already assassinated someone (remember my 90k brush with death?!) plus having killed quite a few pilots already (ok, they were pirates but still, they are are living beings nonetheless) I decided to forget about the moral implications of my strategy. Plus my prospective employers were Argon and surely they would only want evil people dead. Right?!

This way I got rid of two suspected scumbags. This didn't get me a lot of cash but did improve my standing with the Argons somewhat. I was going in the right direction.

I did feel much more confident and experienced in combat, especially now I had finally come to appreciate the power of the missile. I was now able to dispatch any harrier or raider type of ship in one pass plus missile barrage. In one fight I had even taken out three pirates without them even touching my shields of which I was quite proud.

I also protected some bases in Argon sectors which was very easy to do but did give me quite some improved notoriety with said Argons.

Eventually I got up to the required level needed to buy the MK3. Me and the Argon were almost like best buddies now! On top of that I had also gained the trust of TerraCorp who had awarded me contractor status with some juicy missions coming my way because of that.

I must say that things were coming along nicely for me. I had amassed almost a million credits and I was now thinking of bigger things than just using the Galactica for trading. I think it was time for me to pay a visit to a ship yard!
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