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Strange how I can't hate them. They destroy my satellites and harass my traders. They annoy me, but that's all. Never enough to drive me into the mindless rage as the Xenon or the Khaak do. I dislike outlaws and yet, all the time, the Yaki end up as my friends. I can't explain why...

Maybe it's because of the glorious Akuma or the roomy Chokaro? Or the fast Hoshi? Maybe...
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  1. Neurotoxin's Avatar
    I feel the same way, though I'm generally the one destroying peoples' satellites and harassing their traders... heh... heheheh
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  2. cezarip's Avatar
    The privateer is back!
    What can I say. I like playing the trader and the big profitsss are coming when you're everybody's friend. But Yaki, well they're my favorites. Killing the competition is good for business. My business...
    Be everybody's friend, take all their monies (legally of course) and give nothing back. With a smile on the face:
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