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sounds like a personal problem...

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i know none of this has anything to do with the X universe or anything to do with video games but its also optional to read or not.
so i recently found out my sister has been smoking crack cocaine... this might not be a big deal to some, but lets consider...
first, i rent my sisters basement off her so she can afford to pay her rent. its also one of about one places i can live that will let me have my drum set and play it too. but mostly, so she can afford to pay her rent. i dont think she can afford to be getting herself hooked on crack at this stage in her life.
second, shes recently divorced, and has 2 kids (childrens aid society actually just removed them from her house due to her failing a drug test, more on that in a second). she cant afford emotionally to withdraw from her family, as she owes them a parent who can raise them properly. the reason i mention the divorce is because her ex hubby is the guy that gave her the crack that started this whole thing. after their divorce, he decided hed rather be a crack dealer than continue to work as a truck driver as he had before. needless to say, hed already lost visitation rights to his kids.
and third, lil sister, after her divorce, decided to quit drinking. this also may not sound like a big deal cept that her stopping suddenly was cause for her to be hospitalized from the withdrawal symptoms (she was hallucinating and everything) because the whole time she was married her ex hubby did his best to make sure she had at least 1 liter of wine per day and drink it too. most days apparently she was drinking more than 1 litre of wine, plus several beers. this had been going on for a few years. at the time of her divorce she had been running a child care center in her home (she absolutely wouldnt drink while other peoples children where in her care) but since she had to be hospitalized from the drinking, she had to tell all her kids parents to make other arrangements for their day care, which is how childrens aid came to be involved in her life to begin with. so she cant physically afford to be messing around with addictive substances especially ones as horribly addictive as crack.
so this is where my personal problem comes in...
where i to go and beat the living **** out of her ex hubby for trying to turn her into another customer i can guarantee id do time for assault (may be worth it, still)...
if she is using this garbage and still getting it from that loser (who hates my guts, i might add), now i have to worry about the safety of all my property. it would be easy to steal everything i own while im out on business (wich sometimes is for a few days at a time) and would generate a fair bit of money for her/their little hobby.
its not likely that i could get enough proof to have the police arrest him for peddling crack (as i said, he hates me) and therefore removed from the equation.
if i pack up and move, then she cannot afford to keep her house anymore and if it really was just a one time thing as she claims then ive abandoned family in their time of need...
omg whats a guy to do.
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  1. superdave's Avatar
    sweet! i got an achievement for that!
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  2. Admiral Scoobing's Avatar
    Wow that's does sound like a lot of stuff to worry about

    My first stupid question have you spoke to your sister getting in to a re hab program to get her off crack

    And also may be worth looking into getting a restraining order on her ex so he can't come near her to deal her any drugs
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  3. superdave's Avatar
    well as far as rehab goes... shes already in after care from rehab from her drinking so she has the connections for that, and i cant really be certain that shes maintaining a habit or if she really did just do it once/twice as shes claimed (i would think that anyone would claim that, when confronted by family on the subject) im not sure that you can force someone in to rehab in canada either, outside of a court order and even then i think it still has to be voluntary participation with consequences for not going.

    restraining orders only work when both people respect it also, so if she wanted to ignore it she could and that would render it more or less invalid.

    what bothers me the most about the whole thing is why she would even want to talk to a guy that oppressed her and verbally abused her for their entire marriage, let alone sit around smoking crack with him (and i know her financial situation, i can only imagine how she paid for her share (ewwww))

    wasnt it mark twain that said "the more i learn about people, the more i like my dog"?
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  4. Trooper1994's Avatar
    I agree with Scoob above that is alot in a short ammount of time,

    but i would invest in a good safe for some small valuables and maybe a security system and keep all things you can't/don't want to lose out of others reach (not meaning on the highest shelf ) thats all i can really think of in a situation like this but i do wish you luck.

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  5. superdave's Avatar
    well i just installed MORE security to deal with this mess. i bought a new webcam that ive installed in a discreet location, coupled with a program called "dorgem" i now have motion capture video security that will email me pictures if/when they are taken (so i assume ill be getting lots of pictures of my cat in my email lol). at least now, if my stuff gets stolen, i can theoretically interrupt the thief in the act if i allow email pushes on my phone. that would be kinda neat i think, catch someone loading my **** up.
    more than my sister possibly taking my stuff to support her habbit, i worry that her crack dealing ex husband may break in if he knows im out of town for a couple days. at least now i can rest easy knowing that if i am not home, i will get email if someone is stealing my stuff with pictures taken every second of them in the process, and i could possibly notify police while its still happening.
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  6. Aragon Speed's Avatar
    Hmm, only just found this and don't want to give advice to an out of date situation. How are things going/what has happened since?
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