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My theories on Time travel for the masses (not X related)

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Before I explain how it works and how/why time is finite as well as infinite, I must first explain the importance of the ``Present``.
Now, most people perceive time as a straight line from Past to Future, with the Present acting as an anchor/border between these two where we currently exist ``now``.
Based on this relatively false affirmation, I will formulate my first example in order give you an idea how Past, Present and Future function in time:
Imagine you are sitting in a moving train traveling from point A to point B where:
-point A is the former Present when you embarked on your journey;
-the train tracks represent the flow of time or the ``temporal line``;
-the train is the current Present in which you exist and you are aware of;
-point B is the Future which will ultimately become the current Present thus point B goes from Future to Present to Past.
This is the first form of time travel, the time machine, in this case is the actual Present you perceive and exist in, thus the present is not a fixed place/position between the ever growing/aging Past and the ever expanding Future.
In other words, your perception of Present transports you further away from the Past and into the Future.
In my next example, I will use you(the reader) and I(the writer) to explain prove how each and every one of us has his/hers own temporal line/timeline(although we live in the same ``general time``, we do not necessarily live in the same ``Present``) and how they are somewhat parallel but can intersect several times.
Here is the situation:
I am writing this ``paper`` in my ``current Present`` which exists in your Past.
I will finish this paper in my Future which will become my Present but it is still in your Past.
You will read this paper in my Future which is your Present.
The closest way for our Presents to become one, if only briefly, is to meet and discuss face to face.
Fascinating, is it not?
Now that you have an understanding of Past, Present and Future, I can move on to enumerate several means of traveling through time.

Well, traveling to the Past proves to be a lot harder than travelling to the Future…
The only way to do it without using a ``time machine`` is through memories.
The limitations are that you can only travel to places and ``see`` things you have seen in your Past and you cannot change anything in it.
As this is not really time travel, I shall call it time glimpsing.
I am unaware of any proper and working time machines and even if they exist, they are closely guarded secrets.
Even the slightest changes and apparently insignificant changes made in the Past can have an enormous influence on the Future.
Killing a person, preventing or provoking a war can alter our world as we know it.
There is however an interesting theory I stumbled across some time ago regarding parallel worlds.
Sadly, I do not recall the authors name as well as the whole theory but here is the essence:
Let us imagine I find a way to travel to the Past and go there to kill a person and change the Future.
In reality, I travel from my world, which I will call World A to another one called World B.
In World A, the person I want to kill is still alive but I cease to exist there.
I will continue to exist in World B, but the person does not because I have killed him/her.
I hope I did not make it too confusing…
Note: My ability to explain is somewhat limited. Understanding a concept is one thing, explaining it is another(in my case).

This one is easier to achieve.
A first example I gave you in the beginning of the paper.
Another way of time glimpsing is through dreams, you imagine a Future that may or may not become a Present.
Other forms of time glimpsing are visions/premonitions that offer you a plausible Future.
On to Time Travel:
-Sleeping is an easy way to travel to the Future.
While in this state, you have the impression that only a few seconds/minutes have passed but, in reality, hours (may) pass.
-Being in a coma has the same result.
While in this state, you are unaware of the true passing of time, therefore when you awake (if you ever do), you realize that the Present prior to your coma has become the Past and the Future you then perceived has become your current Present.
While these methods can be considered time travel, their main downside is that only your consciousness ``travels`` to the Future while your body ``travels`` at a ``normal`` pace.
One method to negate this limitation is through cryostasis which is basically freezing your body and waiting for someone to ``thaw`` you out in the future.
In theory, this concept is very effective due to the fact that it stops the aging process, therefore, I ``fall asleep`` now as 22 year old person and I wake up in the Future in a 22 year old body although technically I am much older…
-Another way is by ``fast travel``.
The theory goes that as you go faster and faster, time ``slows down``.
Living on a space station orbiting the Earth for instance: the flow of time on Earth is different compared to the flow of time ``inside`` the station that orbits at an incredible speed.
And now, as I draw closer to the end of this ``paper``, I want to show you why I think time is finite as well as infinite.
Time can only exist as long as it influences something.
The ``birth`` of the Universe was marked by The Big Bang (a large explosion of matter and anti-matter as far as I can remember).
Similar to a living being, the Universe is born, it grows/expands, it ``lives`` and will ultimately ``die``, this is known as The Big Crunch meaning that it will implode.
From what I can remember, this is not really the end, as The Big Crunch will trigger another Big Bang and the process repeats itself endlessly.
Based on this, it is safe to assume that while time is finite in an Universe, it is infinite when it comes to The Big Bang and Big Crunch.
An interesting question is born therefore:
How many Universes were there before this one and how many Universes will there be after this one?
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    Wow, I'll have to re-read this when I'm sober
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    I was drunk when i wrote it hope I did not make too many grammar/spelling mistakes, English is not my native language
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