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Erex Malrens Captains Log

Lorician System

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As I moved my ship into the Lorcian System I picked up strange readings. My ships Xenobiologist tells me that that signal is an old Argon signal that hasnt been heard in thousands of years. And I was wondering why is my Xenobiologist telling me this. What do I do about it. Then he explains that it could be an old Argon city. So I send him and my Xenoarcheolgist to do some dirty work but when I did I set up a Forward Command Center to be deployed. Easy stuff but old Argon eclipse and Nova raiders droned out starting attacking my ship and I was having a fit about it. We engaged them easy kills. My Xenobiologist chimes in. Sir you are not gonna believe this. But I believe we have found the lost Argon Capital. They found a body that has been perfectly preseved. This city fell close to 3000 years ago and the body looks like he died 5 minutes ago. So I contacted the Argons and they didnt believe me. But We also found proof the Kha'ak has been there. and so on to the Kha'ak war we go.
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