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Roger L.S. Griffiths

A Terran Adventure (Part 5) - Expanding Frontiers

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I have been out of the Terran USC now for quite a while, and have managed to make a good reputation for myself amongst both the commonwealth and the terran civilian population.

With Mahi Ma's repair work on the second set of gates proceding ahead of schedule (<400K Crystals remaining), I have been able to relax a bit and enjoy some of the scenary.

Relaxing in my private yacht, a Springblossom called "Spirit Eater", I receive an incoming message from ATF command, apparently they have some contract work for me. Reviewing the job description, the task seems simple enough: Use the Goner UJD system to scan some asteroids, and as a sweetener they are giving me one of the new Baldric Miners I have heard about.

Deciding to use my trusty springblossom, I initiate the UJD sequence... as the familiar white flash of the jump event fades, I slam the engines to 100% and quickly check my gravidar and notice what I was hoping not to see... Kha'ak... The only advantage I have against the Kha'ak in this ship is my speed, if the Corvettes or Destroyers catch me then I am dead.

Looking at my mission profile I note the first of the asteroids that the ATF want me to scan, luckily it is leading me away from the pack of Kha'ak currently on my scanners. As I scan the asteroids in sequence I notice more Kha'ak, a couple of Destroyers and a Corvette, but they are far enough away for me not to worry about, and they are not on the flight path the ATF have planned for me.

Scanning the last of the asteroids, I survey the data prior to transmission back to the ATF... mostly nividium asteroids (one of which is a decent yield 20+) but also an Ore and a Silicon asteroid in the set. Immediatly after the confirmation of the asteroid data being recieved, the ATF send me an update to the mission... they want me to mine 100 units of nividium. Luckily, I already have 500 units left over from my last nividium mining expedition (1000+ units out of a single asteroid).

Knowing that I am not currently equipped for a mining operation and that the Kha'ak will probably violently object to me mining in their backyard, I decide to supply the ATF with some of the nividium out of my stores. A final check of the gravidar, I notice 125 e-cells floating nearby so I decide to do a quick grab and jump.

Back in Asteroid Belt, the ATF officer thanks me for the nividium and inform me that someone at ATF HQ, located on the Earth's Torus station, wants for me for a delivery mission to the Aldrin system... Great... one contract job and the ATF think that I am theirs to boss around again... Ah, well another mission or two can't hurt, and the money aint that bad.

Upon arrival in Aldrin, the first thing I notice is how much things have changed... the stations have been relocated into clusters and orbital accelerators have been set up to connect the clusters. Noting that the station the USC guy wants me to go to is in the next cluster along the orbit of Aldrin, I head to the nearest Orbital Accelerator.

Upon emerging on the otherside, I note that I am not where I expected to be... instead I of appearing in the next orbital cluster, I have ended up in the region where the deactivated Aldrin jumpgate is located and some new stations have been setup... obviously they are planning to re-activate the jumpgate. Noting that there is a stream of traffic heading to another Orbital Accelerator, I head in that direction.

This time I emerge where I expected to be the last time, so I head over to the station indicated by the mission profile. Upon docking, I notice there is a lot of bustling around and there is a buzz of excitment in the air. An ATF lieutenant, notices me and waves me over to him. Upon approaching him, he looks me up and down and comments on how someone with my reputation should not be a simple courier... obviously, there is more to this mission than the ATF general let on... In exchange for flying him to the supply base near the Jump Gate, he would add me to the vanguard force that will spearhead the exploration into the sectors beyond the jump gate.

Accepting the offer of a chance to explore the new sectors, I taxi the lieutenant over to the supplydock and prepare myself for the Jump Gate reactivation ceremony.
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