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Website stuff

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Ok as a webdeveloper and I see that there is bunch of people using stuff thats totally useless. But to them it isn't.
Well here is what I do to a website that I build.

1.) I ensure its safe and secure if you want a site administration don't put that in the Main menu, always put it in the Members menu this will ensure that not everybody will be able to access your site administration. I learned this the hard way. And if you want to ensure its totally secure make a new menu that only admins can see.

2.) If your using a forum always make it dark, as a light colored forum doesn't seem right.

3.) If your using Joomla use Kunena forum software as you actually can blend the forum to the website.

4.) Social Networking? eh? Well when you make a website and want to engage the users even more make it more of a social network with a purpose.

5.)Blogs, well all websites kinda need to have blogs for the users to express themselves.

CMS systems I endorse:
  • VBulletin - although it can be expensive its worth it
  • Joomla - its free but it is harsh on the server side
  • Wordpress is a blog software that can be useful
  • - built-in blogs, built in portal
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