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Roger L.S. Griffiths

A Terran Adventure (Part 6) - Old Enemies

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Undocking from the station I head over to the Jump Gate and wait for it to be activated. The communications network was silent with anticipation as the capacitors of the Jump Gate charged up.

Although you could not hear the buzz of energy eminating from the gate, you could feel the build up of a strong electromagnetic field that makes your skin prickle and the little hairs stand on end.

All of a sudden, the prickly feeling disapeared and flash of bluish light exploded from the gate and then quickly faded leaving the familiar faint translucent blue swirling field common to all jump gates.

The communications network was silent as the well trained pilots of the exploration force awaited their orders, which came soon enough...

Our first task was to guard the gate while a recon probe was sent through the gate. Unlike the Terraformers (aka Xenon) which the Terrans developed many years ago, the recon probe was basically a missile with the circuitry and sensors of a nav sat instead of a high explosive warhead. In addition, the recon probe had a self-destruct mechanism which is hard rigged to explode when the missile's fuel ran out.

The Terran lead ship got about 1 second of telemetry before the probe got destroyed by a Xenon patrol that was investigating the reactivation of the Jump Gate in their sector. The telemetry was enough of a warning though... trouble was coming!

The Xenon patrol emerged through the gate and instantly started attacking the Terrans. Unfortunatly for the Xenon, the Task Force was well prepared for their kind of trouble.

No sooner than we dispatched with the Xenon patrol than the order came through to enter the new sector and reclaim it for the Terran people.

As I emerged on the otherside of the Jump Gate the computer announced "Entering Sector Terran Unknown Sector 1". Checking the Gravidar, I note that the sector is occupied by half a dozen Xenon Capital ships, lots of figthers, and a Xenon station.

From my previous experience with reclaiming the Aran, I decided that the Xenon capital ships and the Station were my highest priorities. Leaving the Terrans and my automated turrets to handle the fighters I procede to dispose of the Xenon capital craft.

The Xenon capital ships could not target my fast springblossom as I performed straffing/bombing runs using M/AM Warheads and then launching spectre missiles at them at close range. And after several minutes of fighting the capital ships were no more.

Knowing that I did not have enough firepower to dispose of the station before it could break the Terran communications jammers to call in re-inforcements I ordered my Boreas quartet wing to jump in and attack the station.

With the mission order given to the Boreas wing, I started to run interference on the fighters so that the wing of four destroyers could eliminate the Xenon station unhindered.

As soon as the station was destroyed, new orders came in... a Terran Science vessel wants to investigate the sector beyond the north gate and I am to act as the escort. With my new orders in, I instruct the Boreas wing to stay and patrol this sector while I execute my new mission.
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