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Roger L.S. Griffiths

A Terran Adventure (Part 7) - Rumours, Bargins and Lies

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As I emerge from the other side of the North Gate of Terran Unknown Sector 1 the computer chimes in "Entering Sector Terran Unknown Sector 2"...

A quick scan of the gravidar reveals a massive asteroid that looks the size of a small moon, the science vessel proceded to scan the composition of the asteroid as I watch the gravidar for enemies.

A few seconds later the science vessel reports that the asteroid consists mostly of Nividium, just as a Kha'ak ship jumps into the sector near the asteroid. Realising that this must be a Kha'ak base, I comm the Science Vessel with my theory, to which the Science Vessel responded they had already come to the same conclusion and have already reported it to ATF HQ. Then my next orders came in...

Apparently, an ATF operative had heard rumours of a Paranid Sector, Perpetual Sin, that was once filled with Kha'ak, but now is pretty much a dead sector. They want me to investigate the sector and look for evidence that might indicate what happened to the Kha'ak there.

Deciding that I may need a more strategic approach to this mission, I instruct my personal Terran Tokyo "Spirit Queen" to meet me near the jump gate in Perpetual Sin as I charge the Jump Drive to go there myself.

Soon after entering the Paranid sector, Spirit Queen emerges through the jump gate and comms me for further orders. Teleporting over to the carrier, I instruct my private yacht to RTB.

On the bridge of the Spirit Queen, I survey the status reports of my fleet and note that my Boreas quartet may need to be on permenant patrol duty in Terran Unknown Sector 1.

A quick scan of the sector reveals some ship wreckage over in North Eastern quadrant. Instructing the helmsman to plot a course to sweep that segment of the sector, I head over to the science station and examine the scanning reports first hand.

A few scans later we discover some of the ship wreckage was of Kha'ak origin and are emmiting unusually high levels of radiation. Looks like the Paranid, may have been up to something they shouldn't have. Sending the detailed scans of the Kha'ak wreckage back to ATF HQ, I return to my captains chair and instruct to crew to go to a state of readiness in case the Paranid take offence to our snooping.

A few quiet moments later, my new orders come in... a Paranid informant is willing to provide us with intelligence reports in exchange for delivering a Paranid Nemesis at cost price to a Teladi Trading Station in the Pirate Sector of Spaceweed Grove.

Instructing the Helms man to plot a course to the Paranid Shipyard in Cardinal's Domain, I procede to arrange for the purchase of a minimally equipped ship from the shipyard.

Upon arrival in Cardinal's Domain, the Spirit Queen's chief engineer reports that our stock of E-Cells could do with some replenishing. So I instruct one of my fighters with a spare jump drive, some of our remaining e-cells and navigation computer to go to the shipyard and loan the equipment to the Nemesis while I call in one of the fuel resupply ships to tank up Spirit Queen.

A little while later we are tanked up, the fighter has returned, and the Nemesis is ready to go. Deciding not to take any risks of being ambushed, I instruct the crew to jump us to the North Gate of Spaceweed Grove and prepare for battle.

Upon arrival in Spaceweed Grove, I note very little activity except for a small pirate raiding group heading towards the North Gate and as a result towards us.

A short while later, with small pieces of pirates and pirate ships floating around the vicinity of the North Gate, I instruct the new Nemesis to renezvous with me so that I can transfer off the loaned equipment before I hand it over to the Paranid.

The Paranid in question, was rather polite and courtious when compared to most paranids, but that was not surprising given we had just delivered to him a nice new ship with barely 50km on the clock. The reports he gave us also came with a warning that the Paranid government are rarely caught off guard, and that some Terrans are being held for questioning by Paranid Intelligence.

Transmitting the intelligence reports and the details of the Terran captives, ATF HQ inform me they plan to rescue the Terrans before they can be questioned further, but that it will take a little time to make the arrangements. Knowing that they would want me for the mission, I decide to go and have a few drinks at the bar in the Teladi Trading station.

Instructing my crew to ready the ship for the anticipated mission, I go down to the hangar deck and jump into my personal Terran Spitfyre for the trip to the Trading Station.

A few drinks and a cahoona sandwhich later, the anticipated mission order comes in... The prisoners are currently being transported covertly through a remote unknown sector adjacent to the Paranid sector of Unholy Descent. The mission was a two parter... part one was to eliminate the Paranid assets in the area... part two was to escort a Terran Yokahama that will board the Paranid transport and rescue the prisoners.

The mission itself went smooth and by the numbers, with very few casualties on either side (more on the Paranid side though)... We jumped into the sector, I launched some Keris drones which disposed of the paranid satellites, and the paranid piloted fighters. I then tasked my wing of Spitfyres, the "Spirit Vanguard", to eliminate the remaining paranid fighter drones that the Keris drones could not catch. After the fighter drones were disposed of the Yokahama jumped into the sector and requested an escort. I tasked the Keris drones to protect the Yokahama while the Spirit Vanguard RTBed. The Yokahama with it's Keris escort then quickly captured the transport and the Terran rescue force jumped out of sector and returned to base leaving 4 Paranids from the transport to fend for themselves in their space suits. Taking pity on the Paranids, I rescue them from a merciless death and place them in the brig of the Spirit Queen.

With the Terran prisoners liberated, ATF HQ report that the scans of the Kha'ak wreckage show evidence of a planet busting weapon being used, which is outlawed by the Commonwealth, and the intelligence reports corroborate this evidence. The Terran representative to the Paranid Government plans to use this information as leverage in order to gain one of the Paranid weapons with the intent of destroying the Kha'ak base in the event of an alternative solution to the Kha'ak infestation not being found. In the mean time, ATF HQ want me to explore the sector beyond the newly discovered East gate in Terran Unknown Sector 1...
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