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Where do I Begin?

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All stories start somewhere, and mine begins in the old Universe.

Back there Iíd done it all. I was a hero; my trading empire covered the entire map; I had annihilated the Yaki and taken all of their sectors; my fleets were the rival of any of the races yet I was friends with all; and I had arranged an extremely degrading downfall for that bitch Senator McCarthy for handing me over to the Paranid. My factory complex was so vast and sprawling that I needed a few stiffeners before I dared flying IS, until finally I had to use a revolutionary Terran technology to compact it all into a huge cube. The sector was navigable again, but DULL.

There simply werenít any challenges left anymore.

So I spent most of my time getting hideously drunk in my station bar while my employees racked up the credits for me. The whole Terran Conflict thing totally passed me by.

Finally I sobered up enough to catch the news that the Aldrinians had opened up a gate to a new frontier. A new challenge. A fresh start. I was on my way in the first ship I could find.

(Though I think in hindsight I could have taken the time to draw a few million credits to add to the 400 that I had in my pocket, and picked something better than a Disco to start my new life with. Obviously one extra challenge that Iíll need to face is going on the wagon).
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