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First Steps

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So, a whole new universe just waiting to be explored, and in a Disco that’s all I can do... I put on some music from my large collection of ancient Terran ‘tunes’. This particular ‘album’ I got from a Terran Valkarie pilot who said it always reminded him of his “proud Nordic heritage”. I fly ‘North’ and start to map out the boring Boron sectors, and after a few gates I’m in Aspiring Hope. Abba clicks off abruptly and is replaced by something much harsher which really doesn’t suit my mood. I engage autopilot and zoom into the sector at full speed while I sort out my playlist. When I look up again I’m flying through a swarm of Pirates who are totally ignoring me in their eagerness to pursue some disagreement with the Boron forces.

I check the gravidar. My God, it’s full of loot! And abandoned ships!

Well I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to improve my lot, and to cut a long story short after multiple runs to the ED and SY I ended up with a fully repaired, kitted and maxed out Elite and 2mil in the bank. Couldn't resist getting stuck in myself though once I had something half decent to fly, which did wonders for my Boron rep. I actually gave up on the fight after some time as I thought I might be missing some action elsewhere! As I entered the gate the pirates were still coming in.

Lucky start, I thought.

Then I had the same again somewhere in Argon space (one of the Sirius' - can't remember which).

Then, once I had got my Terran rep up enough to pass through their core sectors, I got the same thing in Melpomenia! By then I had a salvaged and repaired Mercury with Special Command Software and picked up a shedload of cargo as well as a substantial number of abandoned ships.

By now I'm wondering what I'm missing elsewhere and I fire up Scorp's map (a nice bit of software that I picked up in my adventures in the old universe and had fortunately thrown in to the Disco). It was a bit confused at first, but a few tweaks to the files and it seemed to work again. Abandoned ships were liberally scattered across the map, including 2 P's. Unfortunately these are in Paranid and Teladi space who both have something against me at the moment so I can't get into their core sectors to reach them.

Some PR to do then.
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