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The Grind

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So Iím exploring again, this time in Split space, with SETA disabled because Iím remote trading with the Teladi in Atropos II. A salvaged Mercury with a maxed-out hold full of e-cells is selling them to one of their stations one... cell... at... a... time. At first I made the mistake of selling the full cargo (retaining a few cells for the jump back to the SPP in New Horizons) but this didnít seem to make an impression. Selling them one by one is slowly doing the trick Ė after several thousand itsy-bitsy transactions they might actually let me into their cores. Iím starting to worry for the future of my keyboard, and Iím probably going to have to do it all again with the bloody Paranid which is putting me in a foul mood.

Why a race of master traders seem to be more impressed with transaction numbers rather than values escapes me at first. Then it occurs to me that it ties up my trading vessel, diverts my attention and reduces my opportunity for profitsss. Cunning sods. Iím tempted to stop playing their game but besides the Xenon P that thanks to Scorpís map I know is sitting in Atropos IV, I also want access to Trade Mk3 software and I need access to their core sectors to get it.

For now though I have my eyes on another prize. Although the pirates and I arenít exactly best pals theyíre leaving me alone and letting me dock at their stations, and Iíve picked up a nice bit of salvage kit. I even managed to fly away again without being press-ganged or having a bomb put in my cargo bay (though I did dock in an old rustbucket which was conveniently floating around their station, and left my nice shiny Elite parked outside - it only occurred to me much later that I hadnít really thought that through, leaving a fully kitted-out ship a couple of klicks from Pirate Central, but either they have respect for a manís ride or theyíre stunningly incompetent because it was still there untouched when I got back).

So Iíve tried out my new purchase on an abandoned Mercury, and now my first Military target is starting to loom large in my viewscreen. Itís a Pirate Nemesis, quite badly shot up but none of the races will sell me an M6 and I WANT ONE NOW. NOWWW! Although I think a pirate trap would be in much better condition, I approach from below so I only have the ventral turret to worry about, and once in range I spin my Elite through 180 degrees for a quick getaway. With one hand on the throttle and the other hovering over the boost, I hit the Ďclaimí key with my nose.

Ow. Maybe I should map it to one of the stick buttons.

Well Iíll get around to that sometime, but for now Iím gloating over my new acquisition. While it certainly needs some bodywork doing it has two out of 3 shields; 5 out of 8 main battery and one of 3 turrets in working order. I already have Scavenger 1 (a standard Mercury with Special Command software) heading over with some nice kit that was just floating around in Naos Nihal that will complete my loadout. As long as I can get it to the nearest SY itíll be back in fighting order. And I need it, because the Galactic News is hinting of a raid into Xenon space. Only trouble is itís somewhere adjacent to Paranid space and they wonít let me in...

So it looks like itís back to the grind.
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