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Roger L.S. Griffiths

A Terran Adventure (Part 8) - New Friends

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Anticipating either a confrontation with the Xenon or an Encounter with the Kha'ak during the exploration of Terran Unknown Sector 3, I instruct my private yacht to meet me in Aldrin 2.

While I wait for the jump engines of the Spirit Queen to charge, I check the latest report from Mahi Ma... noting with joy that we are past the halfway point of the required Crystals... only 350k of the 750k Crystals remaining.

Emerging from the Jump Gate in Aldrin 2, I note that my private yacht had made it there before us. Eager to get on, I instruct the crew to take some shore leave on the Terran Supply Station as I teleport across to my private yacht.

Watching the Spirit Queen pull away and dock at the station, I check the systems status of my private yacht. All is green, plenty of ammo for the main guns, e-cells are well stocked, and I even have a new supply of 20 spectre missiles. Pulling a 180, I engage the throttle to 100% and head into Terran Unknown Sector 1.

Emerging on the otherside of the Jump Gate, I check-in with my patrol of 4 Boreas. All has been quiet here apparently, the Kha'ak have not ventured out of their sector and the Xenon have not returned yet. Leaving them to contine their patrol, I head over to the East gate.

The computer chimes in "Entering Terran Unknown Sector 3"... I rub my eyes realising that I must have dozed off during the cross-sector journey. Now alert, thanks to my USC training and a coffee ration, I scan the gravidar and note the absence of any Xenon/Kha'ak and the presence of a few Terran ships. Either I missed the party or the Xenon/Kha'ak are late.

A further check of the StellaNav system, reveals that this sector was once the Terran System of New Portsmouth. That means we should be expecting Xenon. A second check of the gravidar reveals something that looks rather out of place... a Boron Angel!

Checking in with the local Terran forces, I discover that they had just arrived and that I should greet this rather unexpected interloper. Heading on an intercept course to the Angel, I note that it has suffered some battle damage but otherwise was in good shape. As I approach the Angel, I get an incoming comms signal... it is from the Angel... apparently it is Bala Gi with Julian Brennan!

Forming up on their wing, I escort them to the Jump Gate intending to lead them back to Aldrin 2 for repairs, a medical checkup and debriefing. As we approach the jump gate a Xenon K, Xenon J, and a few fighters jump in... Quickly, I tell Bala Gi to run and instruct my patrol on the otherside of the gate to guard them for the journey to Aldrin 2.

Switching my guns to weapons hot, I head towards the nearest capital ship and prepare for battle... A few minutes later with chunks of Xenon ships floating around, I check on the status of the Angel and my Boreas patrol. Apparently, the Xenon were really gunning for the Angel but thanks to my patrol the Angel had made it nearly half way across the sector without incident.

Electing to remain in Terran Unknown Sector 3, since I knew the Angel would be safe under the watch of four Boreas, I plot a course to lay a sector wide satellite surveillance net.

After dropping the fifth satellite in the centre of the sector, I check the progress of the Angel. It was approaching the Jump Gate leading to Aldrin 2 but some Xenon ships had just jumped in. I instruct the patrol to go on the offensive, hoping that the Xenon would change their attentions from the Angel to try and deal with a bigger threat, thus allowing the Angel to escape through the Jump Gate and to the safety of Aldrin 2. For some reason, the Xenon seem to be obsessed with the Angel and hopefully all will come clear during their debrief in Aldrin 2.

The plan worked, and as the Angel passed through the gate I receive a message from Bala Gi thanking me for my help. With the Xenon interception force eliminated by my patrol, I instruct them to return to their patrol duties. Then I receive new orders...

A Terran MMBS in the sector I am in reported sighting some Xenon, the USC have sent some ships to guard the MMBS but have since lost contact with the MMBS. So the ATF want me to aid the USC ships and recover the MMBS and her crew (or their bodies).

Realising that this mission will call for a tractor beam, I instruct my Split Cobra missile frigate "Spirit Buckler" to meet me at the jump gate. Transporting over to the Spirit Buckler, I instruct my private Yacht to dock at the supply station in Aldrin 2.

A quick scan of the gravidar revealed a small contingent of Xenon fighters that were being dealt with by the USC forces and were loosing badly to the Terrans. Pushing the throttle to maximum, I refrain from launching a barrage at the remaining Xenon fighters and prepare to tow the disabled MMBS back to Aldrin 2.

The journey back to Aldrin 2 towing the MMBS went unmarked by further incident. Upon arrival in Adrin 2, the ATF present me with the MMBS (or what was left of it) as a reward for my efforts and inform me that there is a new shipyard in Terran Unknown Sector 1. Apparently, the crew had to escape in smaller ships prior to our arrival, thus the loss of communication with the MMBS. They probably kept on radio silence, until they reached the safety of Aldrin 2, in order to not draw the attention of the Xenon.

Docking with the Terran Supply Station, and deciding to repair the MMBS and investigate the shipyard later, I instruct Spirit Sanctuary to jump to Aldrin 2 so that I can dock the recovered MMBS with it.

Upon completion of the docking sequence, I receive new orders from the ATF...
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