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Humanity-slave to its own creation

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What is freedom?
To be a master of your own fate?
To not be bound by rules, laws, restrictions or limitations?
If that is the case, then humans never were and never will be free....
We may pride with the concept of freedom of speech, freedom to exist, to be or not religious.....truth be is merely an illusion...a lie fed to the ignorant masses, a dream, as Freud once said: „Humans need a dream in order to survive reality.”
We are never truly free.
We are, in fact slaves...slaves to the laws of physics, Nature, slaves to our own emotions, desires, limitations...
Yet, what is truly ironic, poetic if you that humanity has become, knowingly or not, a slave to its own
Whether it is research, providing food for those in need, aquiring armament, it all comes down to money.
Nothing can be accomplished without it and everything is influenced by it.
The more money you have, the more powerful you become, yet one should not be intoxicated with the illusion of grandeur, as once it is taken away, or spent recklessly, your status shall sometimes be lesser than a pawn, that is....if you are still among the living.
It is common these days to say that money is power and that those who have money, wield great power.
To a certain degree, that statement is correct.
Yet are we trully masters of this power or does this power control us?
In a way, we might as well admit that money has become, more or less, a GOD, a god created by mankind...
That may seem outrageous to some religious individuals however, if we would heed the words of François-Marie Arouet, also known as Voltaire:„If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” we come should come to the conclusion that the previous statement proves to be highly probable.
Now, to clarify any suspicions and/or any misconceived impressions that may be thrown in my general direction, I, the writter, must admit that I am not religious, nor am I an atheist, I am merely expressing my point of view...
Now, back to the matter at hand...
Whether or not a God or gods exist is of no concern to me for the moment, however humanity it seems needs someone or something to believe in, to know or at least have the impression that a benevolent god is watching over their pitiful existence, to believe that something better awaits them beyond death, and not just oblivion. to praise when fortune favors them and to blame evil for their failures and suffering.
Humans....such interesting creatures....
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Updated 08-03-2013 at 11:50 AM by Solitas

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  1. Solitas's Avatar
    Well, it is nice to see that someone approves
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  2. Dazzard's Avatar
    It's more I like the logic behind it It's been well thought out
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  3. Solitas's Avatar
    I try to make my points of view as logical as possible and if those who read my work enjoy as well as understand it, then I am more than pleased
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